most powerful country in asia ranking: most powerful country in Asia Ranking 2021 India Position: India 4th most powerful country in Asia, see Lowy Institute Asia Power Index 2021

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  • Lowy Institute Ranks India 4th In Asia Power Index 2021
  • India has a loss of 2 points compared to last year, lack of economic and military strength
  • India’s economy suffered due to corona and lockdown

India has been ranked fourth in the list of most powerful countries in Asia. Sydney’s Lowy Institute has placed the US at the top of the list in the Asia Power Index 2021. However, its hold in the Asia Pacific region is loosening and China’s grip is increasing. India ranks second in the report after the US, China and Japan. India has also suffered a loss of 2 points this year as compared to 2020.

India loss due to negative power gap score
The Lowy Institute reported that India is making less impact in this sector than ever before due to its negative power gap score. India ranks below Nepal and Sri Lanka in the Institute’s Power Gap Index. Despite this, India has performed best on the measure of future resources. Despite the low economic forecast for 2030 due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, India is only behind the US and China. However, it ranks fourth in terms of economic potential, military capability, resilience and cultural influence.

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Order Country total points
1 America 82.2
2 China 74.6
3 Japan 38.7
4 India 37.7
5 Russia 33
6 Australia 30.8
7 South Korea 30
8 Singapore 26.2
9 Indonesia 19.4
10 Thailand 19.2

India’s economy messed up due to Corona
The Lowy Institute report said that Asia’s second most populous country has now moved to the middle power list. However, in the coming years this country may again join this list. The report said that among all the countries of the Indo-Pacific, India has lost the potential for development due to the corona virus.

Will have to wait more to leave China behind, India is the fourth most powerful country in Asia: Report
What is the condition of neighboring countries of India?
In this list, except China, all the neighboring countries of India remain as low as before. Pakistan is at number 15 in this list with 14.7 points, while Bangladesh is at number 19 with 9.4 points. Sri Lanka, which is registering presence at number 20, has number 8.6. Myanmar has 7.4 points at number 21 and Nepal at number 25 has 4.5 points.

India slips in the list of world’s most powerful countries, know Asia’s biggest power
How Lowy Institute Measures Strength
The Lowy Institute of Australia releases this list every year by studying the economic potential, military capability, internal situation, future planning, economic relations with other countries, defense network, political and diplomatic influence and cultural influence of the world’s major countries.


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