Most Weird Food : Restaurant Serves Horrible Dish Called Stuffed Duck Head Worth Rs 1800 Got Mix Reaction On Social Media ‘Duck Head’ costs Rs 1800

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The list of strange food in the world is very long. In some places, non-vegetarian food is considered a delicious dish, while in some places people avoid it. But there are a large number of non-vegetarians around the world, whose food many times people are shocked to see. One such restaurant is in London, whose ‘Stuffed Duck Head’ dish can surprise anyone.

The cost of this dish is 18 pounds i.e. about 1800 rupees. The restaurant shared a picture of a duck’s head online, drawing mixed reactions from the public. Western Laundry is a seafood restaurant located in Highbury East. On Friday, the restaurant posted a picture of a stuffed duck head on a plate with the caption, ‘Stuffed duck neck, turnip & lentils #thursdays…. swipe for menu #beaktofeet’. Seeing this picture, some users got water in their mouth and after seeing the dish, they gave reactions like ‘Yum’ and ‘Gascon Favorite’.

strange dish cost 1800 rupees
At the same time, many people were seen avoiding the idea of ​​eating the neck of the duck. He wrote, ‘No, this is too much.’ One user wrote that the food of the restaurant was really great and the behavior of the staff was very nice. The price of this strange dish is about 1800 rupees. There are many restaurants in London that are often discussed. Some keep making headlines because of their strange dishes and some because of their expensive food.

Expensive restaurant was trolled on social media
Turkish chef Nusrat Goksh, popularly known as ‘Salt Bae’ on social media, also opened his 15th restaurant last year at the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Since the opening of the restaurant, people were trolling the restaurant for expensive food by sharing photos of the food bill on social media. The prices of common items like salad and fries are also very high in the bill. In October, a user shared Bill’s photo, which broke all records for expensive food so far.
Food worth Rs 38 lakhs eaten in Salt Bae’s restaurant, shared the bill, then people trolled
One time meal of Rs 38 lakh
In this bill, 22 items of food are included, whose cost is 37,023.10 pounds i.e. about 38 lakh rupees. The bill also includes a service charge of £5,000. The bill was shared on the social media platform Reddit from where it has now been removed. One user commented, ‘Why are people sharing the bills of this substandard restaurant? Do they want to tell that I am very rich but also very stupid and I have no sense of good taste?’


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