Myanmar army attack on Villagers: Eleven villagers shot and burned alive by Myanmar soldiers, reports: Eleven villagers shot and burnt alive by Myanmar soldiers

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  • Myanmar army burns 11 villagers alive in response to attack on military convoy
  • 50 soldiers raided the village, took what they found and took them along
  • Photos and videos of people being burnt to death are being shared on social media.

Myanmar’s dictator army is massacre the citizens of its own country. Soldiers raid a village in retaliation for an attack on an army convoy in the country’s north-west. Myanmar army captured some villagers, tied their hands and feet and burnt them alive. Eyewitnesses have exposed this brutality of Myanmar army.

Photos went viral on social media
Pictures and videos of burnt bodies in Done Taw village of Sagaing area went viral on social media on Tuesday. It is said that those photographs were taken soon after the villagers were murdered and set ablaze. However, there is no confirmation of these pictures and videos yet. Videos that surfaced on social media after Tuesday’s attack showed charred bodies of 11 villagers. It is believed that some of them were also teenagers.

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A man told the Associated Press (AP) news agency that he had gone to the scene and had a similar scene, as reported by the independent Myanmar media. The government denied that it had troops in the area. Myanmar’s underground National Unity Government has condemned the murder in Done Taw area. This organization describes itself as the alternative government of the country in place of military government.


The soldiers took what they got
The organization’s spokesman, Sasa, said the military convoy was attacked by a roadside bomb and the soldiers retaliated by first firing at Done Taw, then attacking the village and then capturing whoever came to the fore. He said the ages of those killed were between 14 and 40 years old. If this incident is confirmed, it would be another example of the violent crackdown in the country since the military took over the reins of power by ousting Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in February.

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civilians were killed villagers
The coup was initially followed by non-violent street demonstrations, but violence erupted with police and soldiers using horrific force on demonstrators and opponents of military rule taking up arms in self-defense. Eyewitnesses told the AP that about 50 soldiers reached the village around 11 a.m. Tuesday and caught everyone who failed to escape. “They had arrested 11 innocent villagers,” the eyewitness, who claimed to be a farmer, said on condition of anonymity. Which has clashed with soldiers many times.

myanmar coup

The fire started by tying the hands and feet of 11 villagers
Eyewitnesses said that the hands of those caught were tied and they were set on fire. He did not give any reason for the soldiers’ attack. However, Myanmar media reported that the army appeared to have retaliated against an attack by members of the People’s Defense Force that morning.

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Myanmar media quoted other eyewitnesses as saying that the villagers were members of the defense force. However, an eyewitness who spoke to AP described him as a member of a less formally organized village conservation group. Meanwhile, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric expressed deep concern over the news of the “barbaric killing of 11 people” and strongly condemned the violence, saying “according to credible reports, five children were among those killed.” Were.”

Myanmar army violating international law
Dujarric reminded Myanmar military officials of their obligations under international law to ensure the safety of civilians and called for those responsible “for this heinous act” to be held accountable. He reiterated that the United Nations condemned the violence by Myanmar’s security forces and stressed that the international community must unite and raise its voice against it.


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