Myanmar protesters: Three people feared dead when an army truck rammed into the march of protesters in myanmar

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An army truck rammed into a peaceful march by anti-government protesters in Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon on Sunday, killing at least three people. Eyewitnesses and organizers of the demonstration gave this information. On February 1 last year, the military overthrew Myanmar’s leader Aung San List, after which he is facing trial in nearly a dozen criminal cases.

The first judgment in this regard is likely to be delivered on Monday, prompting protests in Yangon and other parts of the country. In a video posted on social media, a small speeding army truck can be seen following the march. An eyewitness said they were on the streets when the truck hit the protesters. Three people died in this incident.

An eyewitness said, “Around five armed soldiers got out of the vehicle and chased the protesters. They opened fire and arrested the youths who were hit by the car. At least 10 people have been arrested.


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