Mysterious Hut On Moon : Moon Hut Appeared On Moon Called Mysterious Hut Was Rabbit Shaped Rock Named Jade Rabbit Revealed By Chinese Rover Yutu 2 Chinese rover Yutu-2 solved the mystery

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  • Mysterious rock was seen on the moon, ‘hut’ at first sight
  • Chinese rover Yutu-2 revealed the mysterious hut, sent a picture
  • Scientists were thinking of a rabbit-shaped celestial rock as a hut

China’s Yutu-2 rover discovered a ‘mysterious hut’ on the Moon. Since then, scientists were constantly trying to find out about it. Now information has come to the fore that this mysterious thing is actually a rabbit-sized rock. The Yutu-2 team named it ‘Jade Rabbit’ and said it was closely examined by the rover on Friday. The rock was first seen by Yutu-2 in December when a square figure appeared on the Moon’s horizon.

Many experts had claimed that this mysterious figure could be a huge piece of stone. The solar-powered Yutu 2 and Chang’e 4 lander had landed on the far side of the Moon on January 3, 2019. Out of this, Yutu-2 is investigating the 186 km von Karmann crater on the Moon. After about a month’s journey from the original location, the rover has sent a close-up image of the ‘Moon Hut’ to Earth.
Scientists are also surprised by the discovery of Chinese rover Yutu-2, a ‘mysterious’ hut seen on the Moon
‘Jade Rabbit’ rock shaped like a rabbit
A closer look revealed that the rock is much smaller and more rounded than it appears from afar. In fact it is in the shape of a rabbit leaning on carrots. Space journalist Andrew Jones wrote on Twitter, ‘The surface of the Moon is 38 million sq km of rocks. So astronomically it could not have been anything else. But the extremely small Jade Rabbit rock may disappoint some.

Two Chinese missions operating on the surface of the Moon
He said the original picture had many expecting it to be a large structure that would look like Beijing’s massive CCTV headquarters building. Two Chinese missions are already present on the surface of the moon. In this, a spacecraft named Cheng-E-3 reached the surface of the moon in 2013. Whereas in January 2019, Chang-e-4 landed on the lunar surface with lander and Yutu-2 rover. It is being told that these missions are still active.


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