Mystery Behind Golden Rock : Golden Rock In Myanmar Is Believed To Balance In Hair Of Lord Buddha Defies Gravity Archaeologists Stunned – Mysterious Gold Rock Rests on Lord Buddha’s Hair in Myanmar! Miracle or Science?

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  • The Golden Rock of Myanmar is the center of attraction for tourists and devotees
  • 25 feet high rock rests on the edge of a deep gorge with amazing balance
  • People believe that the giant rock is stopped by the powers of Lord Buddha.

Kyaiktyo Pagoda, also known as Golden Rock, is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site located in the Mon State of Myanmar. It is situated at the top of Kyaiktio Hills. The mystery and mythology of the origin of this cloud-surrounded site attract pilgrims and visitors. This rock, about 25 feet high, is a wonder in itself, which rests on the edge of a deep gorge.

For any common man, this can be a surprising and almost impossible sight. But for the devotees it is proof of the existence of God. Worshipers believe that the rock remains in balance due to the miraculous powers of Buddha. It is believed that a strand of Buddha’s hair is placed between the rock and the hill, due to which this wonderful balance is maintained.
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Natural wonder became the center of faith
Some even question this construction and do not believe in its mythology. Its story and history were explored during the Smithsonian Channel documentary Wonders of Burma: Shrines of Gold. It mentions the amazing ‘power’ of this place which defies gravity. According to the explorers, it is a natural wonder that stories have made a holy site.

God’s hair preventing the rock from sliding
Locally many stories are prevalent about this place. According to one story, the rock is placed on top of the hair and the hair helps prevent the rock from sliding down the mountain. The temples built here and the stories behind it have made Mount Kyaiktio and Golden Rock one of the most famous and popular places in the entire country.

Golden Rock remains the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world throughout the year. At the same time, an atmosphere of devotion is seen here from November to March. People from all over Myanmar come here to chant mantras, light candles, meditate and make offerings to Buddha.


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