Naked Woman Without Mask : Woman Strips To Buy Ice Cream And Used Dress As Face Mask In Argentine Recoded In CCTV

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  • The woman arrived to buy ice cream without clothes, the dress was made a mask
  • Trying to tie the dress on the mouth after being interrupted for the mask
  • Woman’s action recorded in ice cream parlor’s CCTV, everyone shocked

Buenos Aires
What people do not do to avoid the rules of masks. A video has surfaced of a woman who took off her clothes to avoid the mask. On the first day of the new year, a woman enters an ice cream parlor in Argentina and everyone is shocked. The woman was wearing only undergarments as she wanted to use her dress as a face mask.

This strange sight was seen on January 1 at around 10:40 pm in the city of Godoy Cruz in Mendoza province of western Argentina. In the CCTV footage of the parlor, apart from the woman, a father along with his three daughters is also standing near the counter to buy ice cream when the woman enters the parlor. The man seen in the video was allowed to buy ice cream even after his mask was under his nose.
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Woman was with 10 friends and all without mask
Trying to tie her dress around her mouth, the woman was asked to wear a mask, which the woman resisted. Eventually the woman changed her mind and went out of the parlor. According to local media in Argentina, the woman had reached the ice cream parlor with 10 of her friends, none of whom had a mask. The name of the woman has not been disclosed.

Bought ice cream by juggling masks
According to reports, she told the staff members, ‘Don’t ask me for the mask, I am wearing it.’ It is being said that someone in that group juggled masks, after which they bought 11 ice creams. Earlier, a video of a woman arriving at the airport wearing a bikini was also widely shared on social media. People had said that she had come straight to the airport to catch the flight from the party.


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