NASA To Search Bitcoin : NASA To Help Man Looking For Bitcoins Worth 340 Million Pound In Garbage Accidentally Throws Hard Drive

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An IT worker lost his hard drive at a ‘much bigger’ loss. In 2013 James IT engineer James Howells accidentally threw his hard drive in the trash that contained a cryptographic ‘private key’ store. This ‘key’ was vital to the bitcoins held by James, which are worth £340 million (Rs 34,50,60,56,000) as of today. Now he has taken the help of NASA’s data experts to save his sinking fortune.

Instead of diminishing, James’ troubles are increasing. His biggest challenge is to find the drive in the garbage dump but in its first stage itself the authorities are not allowing him to do it. Howells has also proposed to the administration that if they get money through the drive, they will give 25% to the city’s Kovid-Relief Fund. However, the officials are not ready to listen to him. He has said that the administration has directly refused without hearing the plan.
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Help from NASA’s data experts
James has contacted engineers, environmentalists and data recovery experts from around the world to carry out the discovery. Now he has taken the help of Ontrack company for this. This data recovery firm retrieved data from burned and damaged hard drives from the Columbia spacecraft after it fell to Earth in 2003. NASA also takes the help of this company for data recovery.

Data can be saved if the drive is not broken
The firm reportedly believes that there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that his bitcoins can be recovered if James’ hard drive isn’t broken. James told CNBC that he accidentally threw the drive in the trash in 2013. He has since requested Newport City Council to locate him so that he can find the code. However, the administration is not allowing it citing environmental and economic burden.


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