Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan Ex Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Viral audio claims Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz sent to jail as institutions wanted to bring Imran Khan to power Sansthan wanted to bring Imran Khan to power

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  • Viral audio of former Chief Justice of Pakistan created political uproar
  • Former Chief Justice of Pakistan heard in audio instructing Nawaz Sharif to forcibly send him to jail
  • There is no independent confirmation of the veracity of the audio, Pakistan’s investigative website shared

There has been panic after an purported audio of former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar went viral. In this audio, Saqib Nisar is heard ordering someone to put Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in jail. He has used the word Institution in his conversation. In Pakistan, Army and ISI are called Institutions. The veracity of this viral audio could not be independently verified.

Pakistani investigative website claims – audio is correct
Pakistani investigative website Fact Focus has told in its report that they got this audio about two months ago. He claimed that the audio has been investigated by Garrett Discovery, a leading US firm specializing in multimedia forensics. Garrett Discovery has a team of leading experts with long experience in analyzing, presenting and testifying evidence before the courts in the US.

2018 audio
This firm has confirmed the veracity of this audio file in its report. This means that this file has not been tampered with in any way. However, there is no confirmation about the veracity of the voice. This recording is said to be from just before the general election of July 25, 2018. At that time the trial against Nawaz Sharif was going on in the accountability court.

Chief Justice was heard talking about putting Nawaz Sharif in jail
In the audio, former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar can be heard giving instructions to one of his subordinates. He said that Mian Sahib (Nawaz Sharif) and his daughter (Mariam Nawaz) should be punished, even if it is unfair. “Whether it’s fair or not, it has to be done.” “Regardless of qualifications, we have to do it…and even for their daughter.”

Said on the punishment of the daughter – let it be
When the man protested that punishment could not be imposed against the daughter, Chief Justice Nisar replied that you are absolutely right. I talked to “friends” that something should be done about it but they did not listen. He added, “There will be no independence of the judiciary, so let it be.”

Former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar denied
Speaking to Fact Focus, former Justice Saqib Nisar said that he never approached any judge of the accountability court to order a verdict against Nawaz Sharif or his daughter. Saqib Nisar questioned that “why would I do this, I have no complaint against Mian Nawaz Sharif.” He said that no one from Pakistan Army or ISI has approached him or put pressure on him in this matter.


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