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Nepal on Wednesday asked its citizens not to travel abroad unless necessary due to growing concern about the microbial nature of the coronavirus. The World Health Organization warned on Monday that the global threat from the oomicron form is “very high” and could spread with “serious consequences”.

Nepal’s Ministry of Health has appealed to its citizens not to travel abroad unless it is absolutely necessary. This appeal has been made in view of the identification and spread of ‘Omicron’ form of Kovid-19 in some countries. The ministry appealed to all Nepalese citizens to take precautions against Kovid-19, saying that ‘Omicron’ form has not been detected in Nepal so far.

Ministry spokesperson Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari said that monitoring and investigation of this new form has been increased. Issuing a press statement here on Wednesday, the official said that the new form is highly contagious and can infect people of any age group.

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