New Coronavirus Variant Omicron: New York Governor Declares State Of Emergency As Expert Warns Omicron Can Spark Another Pandemic

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  • Emergency declared in America, New York in panic over Corona’s new variant Omicron
  • Experts said – ‘Worrying’ variant Omicron may give a boost to ‘Pandemic 2.0’
  • Currently there is not a single case of Omicron in America, travel ban imposed on African countries

New York’s governor declared a ‘state of emergency’ on Friday as the coronavirus transmission rate reached its highest peak since April 2020. He emphasized that a ‘worrying’ variant of Covid, which first surfaced in Botswana, is coming. Epidemiologists say this variant is extremely ‘worrisome’ and could trigger ‘Pandemic 2.0’. He declared a ‘state of emergency’ only after warnings from experts.

Speaking to DailyMail, experts have urged countries to implement travel restrictions. The US has banned flights from eight southern African countries to prevent the entry of the mutant strain Omicron, which will come into effect from Monday. On Friday night, a flight from South Africa landed in the Netherlands, in which dozens of people were infected with Omicron. All the passengers have been quarantined and they are being tested.
Corona’s new variant increased the world’s tension, America and Sri Lanka imposed travel ban on African countries
Partial lockdown may be imposed from 3rd December!
Empire State Governor Cathy Hochul says all non-urgent procedures may be postponed through December 3 if hospital capacity becomes dangerously low. He said that if a hospital has less than 10 per cent ‘staff bed capacity’ left, it will be allowed to cancel non-essential or optional facilities. They have declared a ‘disaster emergency’ in view of the rate of Kovid transmission being at its highest level since April 2020.

‘Coming Omicron’
Hochul said that while the new Omicron version is yet to be detected in New York state, it is coming. The CDC said they have not yet detected any Omicron cases in the US. He is confident that he will find out the infected soon. Apart from America, Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan have also imposed travel ban on African countries. NCOC is the main organization dealing with Kovid-19 in Pakistan and making policies in view of it.


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