new part of body discover: scientists discover new part of the body

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  • Scientists discover new part in human body
  • This third layer found in the muscles of the lower jaw of humans
  • Expert said – this is one of the biggest discoveries of the century

Scientists have recently discovered such a part of the body. This part was never mentioned before today. This part is found inside a deep layer of the masseter muscle of the jaw. The masseter muscle itself elevates the lower part of the jaw and plays an important role in chewing food.

Only the first two layers were mentioned
The Modern Anatomy text book describes only two layers of the masseter. It has a deep and a superficial layer. Although some historical books also mention the possible existence of a third layer, the status of this newly discovered part is not correct. The report related to this discovery was published on December 2 in the online edition of the science journal Annals of Anatomy.

12 heads of humans examined
In this, the scientists who wrote the research paper told that their team had started their study to find the hidden organ in the jaw muscles written in historical texts. To do this, they cut the heads off the carcasses of 12 humans and preserved them in formaldehyde. When scientists studied these ends, they found startling results. Scientists saw another part of the body away from the place written in ancient texts.

MRI and CT scan were also taken
According to the report, he also took CT scans of 16 fresh dead bodies during this research and compared them with MRI scans from a living human. Through these examinations, the scientists saw the third layer in the jaw muscles. Scientists told that this deep layer runs through the zygomatic process. This process forms the base of the soft bones of the cheek. It can be felt right in front of the ear.

Expert said – this is the biggest discovery of the century
Szilvia Meji, a lecturer in the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel in Switzerland and author of this research paper, said that this deep part of the muscle is completely different from the two layers previously known. This layer helps stabilize the lower jaw. Professor and Dr. Jens Christoph Turp from the Center of Dental Medicine at the University of Bossel said that although it is generally believed that physical research has left no stone unturned in the last 100 years, it can be considered the discovery of the century. .


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