New Year 2022 Celebration Photos: Sydney Dubai Burj Khalifa London New Year 2022 Celebrations Around The World Amid Omicron – Sydney, Dubai, London…

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Billions of people around the world welcomed the year 2022 in a loud manner amid Omicron Mahalhar. This is the second consecutive year that the world has had to welcome the new year amid the havoc of Corona. The famous Red Square in Russia was closed at 5 pm to prevent the spread of Corona. In Dubai, the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa was lit up with fireworks. In view of the threat of Corona, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was closed. At the same time, in London, despite the cancellation of the celebration program initially, vigorous light shows were organized on the banks of the River Thames and in many other areas. On the other hand, South Africa, which was the first victim of Omicron, was celebrated fiercely due to the lifting of the night curfew. At the same time, on New Year’s Eve in North Korea, millions of people attended a fireworks show held in Pyongyang’s Main Square. Let’s see the New Year celebrations in the major cities of the world….

Fireworks continued overnight in Sydney, Australia

The New Year was celebrated in a loud manner in China and fireworks were fired fiercely. However, due to the increase in the cases of Corona, this year their celebrations were a bit fuzzy. New Zealand was the first major country where New Year’s Eve was first celebrated. After the relaxation of Corona rules in Auckland, there was a lot of celebration. The famous fireworks show was organized in Sydney, Australia. This celebration was celebrated at a time when cases of corona are increasing rapidly in Australia. Celebrations started long before midnight in Sydney and continued through the night. On December 31, 32 thousand new corona cases have been reported in Australia. Celebrations celebrated on New Year’s Eve in many places around the world have been faded or canceled for the second consecutive year due to the rapid increase in cases of corona virus infection.

Omicron Celebrations at London Bridge

The highly contagious Omicron form of the coronavirus has dampened the excitement of New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, before cases of this form came to the fore, many seemed happy about the passing of the second year affected by the epidemic. But so far, the good news is that infection with Omicron has not resulted in overcrowding of hospitals and deaths of infected people, especially those who have been vaccinated, as in the previous wave of the pandemic. This gives a glimmer of hope for 2022. The community level of Omicron has not yet been spread in New Zealand. Nevertheless, the authorities in the country were trying to prevent the gathering of the crowd.

France’s Eiffel Tower turns blue on New Year’s Day

Due to the presence of an international date line, countries in Asia and the Pacific enter the first New Year each year. In Japan, author Naoki Matsuzawa said he would spend the next few days cooking and delivering food to the elderly as some stores would close. He said that vaccination has reduced people’s anxiety about the pandemic, despite its redesign. Matsuzawa, like many others, expects the situation to improve in 2022. Many people in Japan plan to travel to spend time with their families. People flocked to temples and monasteries on New Year’s Eve, most of them wearing masks. The Eiffel Tower in France was painted blue.

fireworks display in thailand

On the other hand, the celebrations celebrated on New Year’s Eve in the South Korean capital Seoul have been canceled for the second year in a row. The country’s authorities also plan to close several beaches and other tourist centers on the east coast. South Korea said on Friday that it would continue to follow strict social distancing rules for another two weeks. Millions of people in India welcomed the New Year at their homes amid night curfews and other restrictions in major cities including Delhi and Mumbai. Authorities have imposed restrictions to keep people away from restaurants, hotels, beaches, bars amid increasing cases of Omicron. Though night curfew was not imposed in Goa and Hyderabad, other restrictions were in place. There was a lot of firecrackers in Thailand.

Chinese New Year Celebrations In Snow

In Indonesia, the government canceled New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, around 3,000 people in Hong Kong attended New Year’s Eve celebrations attended by local celebrities. Vietnam also canceled fireworks shows and celebrations. In Hanoi, authorities have closed the main roads. At the same time, in Ho Chi Minh City, viewers have been banned from watching the ‘Live Countdown’ program. In China, the Shanghai government canceled events including the annual light show on the Huangpu River. At the same time, there are no plans for public celebrations in Beijing. However, authorities in Thailand allowed partying and fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks exploded from Burj Khalifa, watch video


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