News about Avijit Roy terrorist attack and US: News about Avijit Roy, terrorist attack and US Reward Up to 5 Million Dollar for Information

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  • US announces reward for the killers of its citizen Avijit Roy in Bangladesh
  • Announcement of a reward of 5 million dollars for giving information about the killers of Avijit Roy
  • US relations with Bangladesh may deteriorate further

The US has announced a $5 million reward for providing clues to the killers of blogger Avijit Roy in Bangladesh. In 2015, American citizen Avijit Roy was brutally murdered in Bangladesh. His wife Rafida Bonya Ahmed was also seriously injured in this attack. The Bangladesh government has not been able to trace the killers involved in this case till date. After which the serious Biden administration has announced a reward for the killing of American citizens. The reward amount in Indian Rupees works out to Rs 378310750.

Reward announced through Reward for Justice
The Rewards for Justice program of the US State Department announced this reward by tweeting on Monday. He said a reward of up to $5 million would be given to the killers Syed Zia-ul-Haq alias ‘Major Zia’ and Akram Hussain. The tweet reads that a reward of up to $5 million for information on attacks against Americans in Bangladesh!

Avijit Roy was murdered in 2015
The tweet further states that in 2015, terrorists killed Abhijit Roy and injured his wife Rafida Ahmed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you have information about the people responsible for this heinous attack, then message us on the number given below. A poster has also been shared in this tweet, in which many information related to the attack has been given.

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what is written in the poster
The poster reads that on 26 February 2015, terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda killed Avijit Roy, returning from the Dhaka Book Fair in Bangladesh, while seriously injuring his wife Rafida Bonya Ahmed. A Bangladeshi court has convicted and sentenced six people for their role in the attack. Two of these accused, Syed Zia-ul-Haq alias Major Zia and Akram Hussain, are absconding since the beginning of the trial.

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Message if you have information, you will get reward
It further reads that if you have information about Syed Zia-ul-Haq alias Major Zia and Akram Hussain or any other person associated with this attack, then text us through Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp on the numbers given below. You may be entitled to a reward.


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