Nigeria Attack News : Bandits Attack In Nigerian Villages Open Firing And Burns Houses Kills Hundreds

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Reports of massacres are pouring in from villages in the northwestern state of Jamfara, Nigeria. It is said that some armed assailants opened fire on people in which at least 200 people died. The army helped the local people in mass burial, after which the villagers returned to their homes. The state government says that 58 people have died in the attack.

Umru Makeri, a local resident who lost his wife and three children in the attack, says that around 154 people have been buried, including several security personnel. People say that the death toll is close to 200. Balarabe Alhaji, the head of one of the attacked villages, said that we have buried a total of 143 people killed in the attacks. Bababandi Hamidu, a resident of Kurfa Danya village, said the terrorists were “shooting anyone on sight”.
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The attackers had arrived on a motorcycle
Hamidu said more than 140 people were buried in 10 villages and the search for other bodies was still on as many remained untraceable. On Friday it was reported that suspected ‘robber’ militants killed more than 100 people in the north of the country. Between Tuesday and Thursday night, gunmen on motorcycles reached the village in large numbers. They opened fire on the villagers and set houses on fire.

100 kidnapped people released
In the past, at least a hundred people taken hostage by armed groups in northwest Nigeria more than two months ago have been released. Most of them were children and women. Jamfara State Police Chief Ayub Elkana said on Tuesday that 19 of the 97 people released were infants and more than 12 children. The clothes of most of these people were torn and these people did not have shoes or slippers etc. The children appeared to be malnourished and with the help of cloth the mothers tied their children on their backs.


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