nuclear war: Russian tensions with US over Ukraine could spark nuclear war: Russian tensions with US over Ukraine could spark a terrible nuclear war

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  • Russia warns US of nuclear war over tensions with Ukraine
  • Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that nuclear war may break out in Europe
  • Russian leader reminded America of the Cuban crisis, said – the situation is changing

Russia has warned of nuclear war over tensions with the US over Ukraine. Russia has also warned America not to make the mistake of Cuba. At present, more than 1 lakh Russian soldiers with heavy weapons are stationed on the Ukrainian border. US-led NATO has also reacted strongly to the gathering of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. Not only this, US President Joe Biden also warned Russia of the consequences a few days ago.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister warns of nuclear war
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned of repeating the 1962 Cuban missile crisis with a terrible nuclear war. If things continue as they are, it is possible to see nuclear war, he said. Russia and the US are almost equal in terms of nuclear weapons in the world. Russia has a plethora of hypersonic missiles that are almost impossible for US air defense systems to intercept.

Ukraine demonstrated power by showing American weapons, President said – will give a befitting reply to Russian attack
Russia deposited heavy weapons on the Ukraine border
In the midst of ongoing naval tensions in the Black Sea, the Russian army has deployed several sophisticated weapons in the Voronezh region adjacent to Ukraine. Satellite images show Russian military tanks and Buk anti-aircraft missile systems in the area. Space firm Maxar Technologies has released photos of alleged additional troops of the Russian military stationed in the Smolensk district, less than 200 miles from the border with Ukraine.

Russia US Tension: America will deploy missiles in Europe, warns Russian Foreign Minister – this will only increase tension
Britain said – fear of terrible war in Europe
Intelligence reports have revealed that at least 9,000 Russian troops, along with heavy artillery and tanks, are stationed near the Ukrainian border. According to a Mirror report, by the beginning of next year, this number may increase to 175,000. The new Chief of Defense Staff of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, said the war between Russia and Ukraine could be the biggest in Europe for more than 75 years since the Second World War.

Russia Ukraine Tension: Russia can attack by the end of January, the Ukrainian Defense Minister claims panic in Europe
What was the Cuban Crisis
The Cuban crisis began in 1962 during the Cold War. During this, Russia secretly deployed nuclear-capable missiles in Cuba, located near the US. In fact, the US deployed more than 100 Paramamu missiles in Britain in 1958 and in Turkey and Italy in 1961. In response to this, Russia sent its missiles to Cuba. On 14 October 1962, a US reconnaissance aircraft took pictures of these missiles in Cuba and the Cuban Missile Crisis began.


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