Omicron Affected Countries: Omicron Affected Countries Map Latest Updates Total Cases of Covid-19 New Variant in World India, South Africa: Omicron Affected Countries Map Latest Updates Total Cases of Covid-19 New Variant in World

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  • Corona’s new variant Omicron spread in more than 30 countries of the world
  • In this list, the same country is included, where the new variant has been detected.
  • In India also two patients infected with Omicron were found, both cases were found from Karnataka

Geneva/New Delhi
The new variant of the corona virus, Omicron Variant India, has now knocked in India as well. In Karnataka, two people from abroad have been found infected with the Omicron variant. Confirming that the Union Health Ministry said that so far only two cases of Omicron have been found in India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also described this virus as a matter of concern. This variant is so contagious that since it was first detected on 24 November, it has spread to more than 30 countries.

In which countries has Omicron spread?
Corona’s new variant Omicron has so far knocked in more than 30 countries. This includes India, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom and the United States.

When was the first case of Omicron found in which country?

Country Omicron’s first case date
South Africa 24 November
Hong Kong (China) November 25
Belgium 26 November
botswana 26 November
Netherlands 26 November
Czech Republic November 27
United Kingdom November 27
Germany November 27
Israel November 27
Italy November 27
Australia 28 November
Canada 28 November
Denmark 28 November
Austria 29 November
Ireland 29 November
Portugal 29 November
Spain 29 November
Sweden 29 November
Switzerland 29 November
Brazil 30 November
Japan 30 November
reunion 30 November
South Korea 30 November
America December 1
Ghana December 1
Nigeria December 1
Norway December 1
Saudi Arab December 1
India 2 December

31 countries of the world implemented travel ban
In view of the Omicron variant, 31 countries of the world including America have implemented travel ban. Most of the countries have imposed these restrictions only for the people of selected countries. At the same time, Japan, Israel and Morocco have completely sealed their border. All countries of the world are closely monitoring travelers from South Africa and Botswana. Permanent residents and returning people have been exempted from this ban.

Omicron variant is dangerous due to mutation
Researchers in South Africa identified the novel form of Kovid-19 on 24 November 2021, Omicrin (B.1.1. Omicron is very different in terms of the nature of the corona virus as it is by far the most modified form of SARS-CoV-2. It has a total of 53 mutations in its genetic structure and 32 mutations on the spike protein alone.

Why are scientists worried about the new variant of Corona?
After convening a group of experts to assess the data, the WHO said preliminary evidence suggests an increased risk of re-infection from this form compared to other types. This means that people who have recovered from the infection can also be affected by it. It is believed that in this new form, the spike protein of the corona virus has changed the most, about 30 times, due to which it is expected to spread easily to people.

What is known and what is not about the Omicron variant?
Scientists have discovered that Omicron is genetically distinct from previous forms, including the beta and delta forms, but it is not known whether these genetic changes make it more contagious or lethal. So far, there have been no indications that Swaroop can cause more serious disease. It may take weeks to know if Omicron is more contagious and whether vaccines are effective against it. Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London, said it was largely impossible that current vaccines would not work. He emphasized that the vaccines are effective against many other forms.


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