Omicron Anti Covid Pill: Pfizer Company Claims Anti Covid Pill Shows Positive Result Against Omicron Variant

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  • Pfizer company made big claim regarding anti-covid medicine, big success
  • Pfizer’s anti-covid drug found effective against Omicron variants
  • Capable of reducing hospitalization and death cases by up to 89 percent

Omicron has once again raised the concerns of scientists around the world. Amidst the questions arising about the safety of the vaccine against Omicron, a good news is coming to the fore. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer claimed on Tuesday that its experimental anti-Covid pill has also proved effective against Omicron, a new form of the coronavirus. The company said that the full conclusion of research conducted on 2,250 people has confirmed that its anti-Covid pill is effective against the virus.

The company said that the drug given to high-risk adults after the initial symptoms of Kovid-19 resulted in a combined reduction of about 89 percent in hospitalizations and deaths. Pfizer also said that a separate laboratory test found the pill to be effective against the Omicron form of the virus, as predicted by several experts. Pfizer tested the drug against a man-made key protein that helps Amicron strengthen itself.
‘Three doses’ of this vaccine capable of defeating Omicron, can increase protection up to 100 times, you got it?
Pfizer’s booster dose also capable of rescue
On the other hand, Israeli researchers have found that three doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech corona vaccine are capable of providing protection against the Omicron variant. Sheba Medical Center and the Central Virology Lab of the Ministry of Health have conducted this study. For this, the researchers compared the blood of 20 people who had taken two doses of the vaccine 5-6 months ago with those who had received a booster dose about a month ago.

Can increase security up to 100 times
Gili Regev-Yochai, director of the infectious diseases unit in Sheba, reported that no protection was seen against Omicron in those who had taken a second dose 5-6 months earlier, although they did have some degree of protection against Delta, reports DailyMail. Security observed. He said that the good news is that with a booster dose, it can increase by almost 100 times. Booster doses can give a significant protection against Omicron.


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