omicron cases in india: COVID cases are breaking records in an all-time surge in South Africa, UK, Norway, Denmark

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  • Omicron’s dangerous move scared in four countries of the world
  • Corona havoc in Britain, South Africa, Norway and Denmark
  • Omicron variant nearly 70 times more infectious than Delta

The new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has spread panic all over the world. Due to this variant, new cases of corona are breaking records in four countries of the world. The speed of increasing infection in these countries has also increased the concerns of scientists. These four countries include Britain, South Africa, Norway and Denmark. After the start of the epidemic in these four countries, the cases of infection are very high according to their population. Recently, scientists have claimed that the Omicron variant is about 70 times more contagious than Delta.

Qualitative increase in new cases of corona
Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Institute, claimed in an interview that this is actually a qualitative increase, which we have not seen since the start of the pandemic. He also said that there is no doubt that America is also heading towards its worst winter. During this time, cases of corona in America can also increase rapidly.

Omicron can defeat antibodies, but it is possible to prevent infection, how will the vaccine work?
see corona cases by population

Country Total corona cases on 16 December 2021 Population
Denmark 9999 5830000
Britain 87565 67200000
Norway 4520 5380000
South Africa 24785 59300000

Cases increased even after vaccination in Norway, Denmark and UK
Norway and Denmark fear that this variant will overtake Delta in a few days. At the same time, Omicron has already caused havoc in most areas of the UK. Norway, Denmark and the UK are countries where people have been given almost 100% of both doses of the corona vaccine. Despite this, due to the increase in infection, it is being speculated that two doses are not enough to stop the speed of Omicron.

Britain’s Health Minister warned, Omicron variant became the biggest threat to the world
Omicron can cause havoc in America too
Experts have expressed concern that in the US too, due to Omicron, the rate of infection may increase in a few days. According to CDC data on December 11, the number of people infected with Omicron was about 3 percent. The delta variant was found in the rest of the infected. But, the situation has changed rapidly in the last 5 days. Scientists claim that the cases of Omicron are doubling in just two days. He has also said that we have never seen a variant spreading infection so fast.

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