Omicron infection case: Omicron variant of COVID-19 spreading in America, new cases found

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Three more cases of Omicron infection were reported in New York, US on Saturday and with this the number of cases of infection with the new form of corona virus in the state increased to eight. Apart from this, the number of states in the US has increased where the first cases of Omicron infection have been reported. New York Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said in a news release, ‘Omicron infection has spread here and, as expected, we are now seeing the infection spreading in the community.’

On Saturday, cases of Omicron infection were found for the first time in Massachusetts and Washington, USA. A day earlier, cases of infection with this form of Kovid-19 were reported for the first time on Friday in New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland, and it is likely to be reported in Missouri as well. Apart from this, cases of Omicron infection have also been found in Nebraska, Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Colorado and Utah.

In New York State, seven cases have been found in New York City and another case has been found in Suffolk County.

The cases of Omicron infection are coming to the fore at a time when hospitals across the state are already under pressure due to rising cases of corona virus and they are facing shortage of personnel. Most of these cases are related to the delta form. The daily number of people found infected across the state has doubled in the last 30 days.

New York Governor Cathy Hochul recently authorized the Department of Health to limit non-urgent procedures in hospitals and called on National Guard teams to help health centers under pressure from problems such as shortages of health workers and rising infections. has been deployed.

Washington health officials said that three cases of oomycron infection were confirmed in Washington on Saturday, with one case each in Thurston, Pierce and King counties. The Ministry of Public Health said that a woman in Massachusetts has been found infected with Omicron.

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