Omicron is the new variant of covid-19 know all about it

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On one hand, the board exams of children are being held in offline mode, offices have started opening, the news of new variants of corona infection has again disturbed everyone.

Coronavirus has brought not only India but the whole world to its knees. As the world starts getting back on track, a new variant of the virus emerges. This time the reason for concern is the new variant of coronavirus, Omicron. Which can mutate up to 30 times. The Ministry of Health is also concerned about this, because the effectiveness of the vaccine on this has not been confirmed yet. It is being told that as much as the spread of the Delta variant was done in 100 days, Omicron has spread in 15 days.

Coronavirus is still wreaking havoc around the world

The corona infection affected many things, from the economy to the education sector, there was a huge loss. New variants of corona virus infection have caused a lot of devastation in the world. India also recorded a lot of deaths during the second wave.

However, now the situation is under control. But there has been a stir due to the emergence of another new form of corona virus. The World Health Organization has named this variant ‘Omicron’. Scientists say that due to the rapid mutation, this new variant is more dangerous than delta, delta plus and other variants. As much as the Delta variant had spread in 100 days, Omicron has spread as much in 15 days.

What is this new variant of Corona and where did it come from?

According to scientists, this new variant of corona virus infection mutates very fast, which is much more than the old variant. This variant mutates rapidly 30 times, which can cause big trouble for any country. The reason and place of the birth of this new variant are being searched by the scientists.

coronavirus third wave
The third wave of coronavirus can affect children. Image: Shutterstock

Although based in London Where it first came from is difficult to confirm, says a scientist at the UCL Genetics Institute. But it is being speculated that chronic infection may have occurred from an immunocompromised person of an HIV patient. Some cases have been found in African countries.

Spread in India can have dangerous consequences

At present, this variant is not in India, but for India, having this variant in the third wave will prove to be very harmful. The first reason for this is the lack of confirmation of the effect of the vaccine on the variant. On the other hand, vaccination campaign in India has not yet picked up pace for children below 18 years of age.

This time the board exams are being conducted in offline mode. If this variant comes to India, then it can prove to be dangerous for children below 18 years of age.

How are the symptoms in this variant?

of world health organization According to this, the symptoms of this new form of corona virus infection are quite different from the rest of the variants. In this, symptoms like cough, fever were not found. However, complaints of joint pain and weakness have been found.

In some cases no symptoms were observed. The death risk in this new variant is quite high. According to doctors, sometimes no symptoms are seen in infected patients. Whereas the infection is identified during X-ray and CT scan, when it has reached its peak.

If you want to avoid then do not be careless

It is necessary to protect against all variants of corona virus infection. For this you:

  1. Put on a mask
  2. Follow social distancing.
  3. Keep hands clean.
  4. Use sanitizer.
  5. Isolate yourself when you have mild signs.
  6. Keep immunity strong and follow a healthy diet.

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