Omicron News : Scientist Identifies New Antibodies That Can Block Any Covid Variant Including Omicron

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Scientists have identified antibodies that can neutralize the new form of the coronavirus, Omicron and other variants, by targeting sites that don’t actually change after the virus has mutated. This study has been published in the science magazine ‘Nature’. This research may help in vaccine development and antibody treatment that will be effective against not only Omicron but also other emerging variants in the future.

David Wessler, an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in the US, said, “This study suggests a way to get rid of the continued evolution of the virus by focusing antibodies that target highly conserved sites on the spike protein.” May go.’ The oomicron form of the corona virus unusually has 35 mutations in the spike protein. It is used by the virus to enter and infect human cells.
Where the bad news came from, he gave good news, Omicron cases decreased by 38 percent in South Africa
‘Artificial virus’ created in the lab for use
These changes are thought to partly explain why the new forms are able to spread so rapidly, why they infect people who have received a dose of the vaccine, and why they infect those too. Those who have already been infected. Wesler said they were looking for answers to questions related to how these new forms evade the immune system and antibody responses. To assess the impact of these changes, the researchers created an inefficient, non-replicating ‘sudo virus’ and conducted this study using it.

Omicron wave diminishing
Good news about Omicron is now coming from South Africa. COVID cases in South Africa continue to decline as the wave of infections caused by Omicron appears to be over. The country, which was the first to report Omicron in the world, reached its peak in the seven days to December 17 when an average of 23,437 cases were reported. By last Monday, that number had come down by 38 per cent to 14,390.


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