Omicron Tsunami India: Omicron Tsunami In World Wuarter Of Countries Report Record Covid 19 Infections Big Corona Threat In India

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  • The World Health Organization’s warning on the Omicron variant of Corona seems to be proving true.
  • There has been a tsunami of Omicron variants around the world and record Covid cases are being witnessed
  • In countries where people have been vaccinated on a large scale, even in those countries, hospitals are being filled with patients.

The warning of the head of the World Health Organization on the Omicron variant of the corona virus seems to be proving to be true. There has been a tsunami of Omicron variants across the globe and 46 countries are witnessing record COVID cases. The condition is that even in countries where a large number of people have received the corona vaccine, hospitals are being filled with patients. There are indications that the ICUs of hospitals in India and the US may be overcrowded, causing a lot of problems for patients.

According to a report based on data from the British newspaper Telegraph, people who have strong immunity are facing less serious diseases due to Omicron. However, due to the high number of cases of infection, the danger of destroying the health system of the world has arisen. On the basis of global data in the report, it has been said that the number of cases of new corona infection in 1 million people has reached its highest level in 46 out of 191 countries of the world.
Record cases of corona from Omicron in America, WHO chief warns of ‘tsunami’
WHO Chief Dr Tedros Adhanom warned
These countries include Britain, France, Argentina and Mozambique. Not only this, the rate of global infection increased by more than 70 percent last week. Not only this, the death toll has also started increasing in more than 80 countries of the world. Earlier, WHO Chief Dr Tedros Adhanom warned, “Although Omicron is less serious than Delta, it cannot be termed as mild, especially for people who have been vaccinated.”

Dr Tedros said, ‘Like the previous variants, Omicron is sending people to the hospital and it is killing people. In fact, the tsunami of infection cases is huge and fast and is destroying the health system around the world. The death toll has started increasing in 82 countries of the world. Not only this, the death toll in 39 places has increased by at least 50 percent compared to the previous wave. This includes Cyprus and Australia.

The number of patients in need of oxygen in Delhi increased by 5 times
However, the good thing is that in countries where people have been vaccinated, people are less admitted to the ICU. People’s deaths are also decreasing. At the same time, in countries where there is less vaccine, its effect is being seen a lot. Dr Guy Harling of the University College of London says that the Omicron variant is showing different effects in different places. It is depending on the mix of the vaccine and the previous infection.

The report said that concerns remain in India as well. On Wednesday, the number of patients requiring oxygen in the ICU in Delhi increased by five times. Dr Charlie Wittker from Imperial College of London said, ‘We are seeing a very high number of cases of corona infection in India. This shows that immunity from Delta variants in India is not preventing re-infection. Due to this, the infection is spreading rapidly in many cities. However, it is not yet clear how much this affects the severity of Omicron. Even in Pakistan, the world’s fifth most populous country, experts are facing the threat of a terrible corona wave.

Increase in global corona cases, cases exceeded 30.26 crores

The cases of corona virus have increased to more than 30.26 crores worldwide. So far, more than 54.7 lakh people have died due to this epidemic, while more than 9.37 billion have been vaccinated. The current global cases, deaths and total number of immunizations have risen to 302,679,314, 5,478,980 and 9,373,736,128, respectively. According to the CSSE, the US remains the most affected country with the world’s highest number of cases and deaths at 59,166,756 and 836,477. India is the second most affected country in corona cases, with a total of 35,226,386 cases of corona. So there are 483,178 cases of infected while 482,876 people have died, followed by Brazil with 22,328,252 cases of corona while 619,654 people have died.


Corona’s tsunami hit the world, big danger in India


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