Omicron Update: France Hits Record Covid 19 Cases In A Day After UK & US Amid New Variant Concerns

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  • After Britain and America, now the corona virus seems to be taking a formidable form in France.
  • According to the Ministry of Health, 1,04,611 cases of corona were reported in the country on Saturday.
  • This is the third consecutive day when such a large number of corona infection cases were reported in France.

After Britain and America, now the corona virus seems to be taking a formidable form in France. According to Health Ministry officials, 1,04,611 cases of corona virus infection were reported in the country on Saturday. This is the third consecutive day that such a large number of cases of corona infection have been reported in France. After these figures, now French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and other ministers of his government are going to hold an important meeting on Monday. In this, new measures to prevent corona can be discussed.

French officials are concerned about the rapidly spreading Omicron variant of Corona. Health officials on Friday recommended a booster dose for adults three months after being vaccinated. Hospitals are also under increasing pressure as cases of Kovid-19 and Omicron increase in France, and most patients who did not receive the vaccine. On Christmas, hospitals allowed patients’ families to visit, but people looked sad about their loved ones.
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‘Vaccine is not dangerous, it is like choosing life’
David Daniel Sebagh, 52, a Kovid-19 patient admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Marseille Hospital, regrets that he did not take a dose of the vaccine. He said, ‘The vaccine is not dangerous. It is like choosing life.’ ICU chief doctor Julian Caravelli, along with his team, encouraged patients to see another Christmas. Due to the oomicron nature, the beds of hospitals are filling up and the staff is also tired due to the increasing cases.

‘We fear that we will not have enough space going forward,’ said Caravelli. The number of corona infected patients has also increased in La Timone Hospital in Marseille, which is one of the major hospitals in France. The hospital premises were decorated on Christmas Eve and the morale of the staff working despite the holidays was boosted. The hospital also allowed the relatives of the patients admitted in the ICU to visit them. Emily Khayat visits the hospital every day to see her husband Ludo (41) who was in a coma for 24 days and is now alive on respiratory machines.

Emily sat for a while on her husband’s bed in the ICU and comforted him. In France 90 percent of adults have been vaccinated and about 40 percent have received a booster dose. Most of the patients admitted to La Timone Hospital infected with the corona virus did not take a dose of the vaccine. Sebagh said, ‘I am very sorry. I got myself caught up in these things. I thought it was not necessary to get vaccinated. Sebagh’s wife Istar, referring to the seriousness of her husband’s illness, said, “This week our lives were in turmoil… I thought I was going to lose everything.”
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Many health workers have been affected by Omicron
Sebagh is still not free from infection and is waiting to be cured. “If I had taken the vaccine dose, I probably wouldn’t have needed to be in the ICU,” Sebagh said. With the spread of Omicron form in the world, France is getting the most cases of infection these days. Carveli, head of the ICU in Marseille, said: ‘We are going through a lot of stress. Few beds are available. We are tired of seeing all this. Still trying my best to concentrate on work. He said that first of all, many health workers have been affected by Omicron and they are not available for work. At the same time, some employees have said goodbye to the profession due to excessive pressure.

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Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in France


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