Omicron variant may be more dangerous for tobacco users

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If you love your life and want to protect yourself from the growing infection of Omicron, quit smoking today.

The cases of Omicron, the new variant of corona virus infection in the country, have crossed 1200. The World Health Organization has already listed Omicron as a variant of concern. Till now heavy or major symptoms of infection were not seen. However, after two deaths in India due to this new variant, there has been an atmosphere of panic. After this, the concern of the Health Department has also increased a lot about the third wave. In such a situation, if you smoke or consume any tobacco-containing material, then the risk for you is much higher than others.

corona and smoking

According to the World Health Organization, people who have the habit of smoking, their lungs have suffered a lot. In the second wave, we saw that the delta variant of the corona virus infection directly hit the lungs.

smoking se hai corona ka khatra
Smokers increase the risk of death from corona by more than 50%. Image : Shutterstock

In such a situation, the risk of death from corona of people who smoke increases by more than 50%. Currently, there are no respiratory symptoms in the Omicron variant. However, if the combination of Omicron and Delta variants i.e. Delmicron makes its way in India, the situation could be dire for smokers.

WHO has warned smokers

Dr. Tedros, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), said on 28 May 2020 that The risk of corona severity and death in smokers is up to 50 percent higher. Therefore, it is better to give up smoking completely to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

Why does smoking make the corona virus even more complicated?

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoke travels through the windpipe to the lungs. Promotes the ACE2 receptors of Covid-19. Due to which the infection spreads very rapidly in the person and makes the situation so bad that there is a need to go on the ventilator.

Tobacco weakens immunity

From Alpha to Omicron variants, all attack immunity directly. In such a situation, we should emphasize on increasing our immunity. The purpose of the vaccine is also to increase immunity in the body. On the other hand, people who consume tobacco, their immunity becomes weak.

tambako hai janleva
Tobacco promotes the ACE2 receptors of Covid-19. Image : Shutterstock

Actually, by consuming tobacco products or cigarettes, more saliva begins to be produced. Due to which the risk of spreading the infection increases rapidly. It weakens immunity.

27 crore people consume tobacco in India

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 29 percent i.e. about 27 crore people in the country consume tobacco. This includes products like khaini, gutkha, betel nut, tobacco, zarda, bidi, cigarette and hookah. If you want to avoid the outbreak of corona virus infection, then you have to decide to quit smoking and tobacco.

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