Omicron Variant: Omicron Variant spreading among over-50s, UK minister says: UK minister over 50 infected with Omicron, claims British minister

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  • Big disclosure in the study done on Omicron infected in Britain
  • Most of the infected did not need ICU and ventilator
  • Concerns raised over people over 50 getting infected with Omicron

A senior UK cabinet minister has said that the pattern of the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, is not as dangerous as Delta. Most people infected with Omicron no longer need ventilators and have a reduced intensive care unit (ICU). His announcement has brought relief to those countries of the world, where corona cases are increasing rapidly due to Omicron.

Britain’s Education Minister Nadeem Jahavi said the government was closely monitoring hospitalization figures, as the majority of people infected with Omicron are over the age of 50. However, this is the group in which 90 percent of people have been given a third (booster) dose of the Kovid vaccine, which prevents becoming seriously ill.

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Jahavi said that overall, we are not seeing a Delta-like pattern where a lot of people needed ventilators. He said that the length of stay of people in ICU has also come down. The minister agreed with the opinion of his other cabinet colleagues that further restrictions on the lockdown may not be needed, even though Covid infections in England remain high.

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Jahavi told ‘Sky News’ that there has been an increase in the number of people above 50 years of age being infected and hospitalized, which is a matter of concern, but the number of patients admitted to the ICU has decreased which is good news. . Omicron’s speed in the UK is showing signs of slowing down. In Britain, 1,62,572 new cases of infection were found on Saturday, while on Sunday the number of new cases has come down to 1,37,583.

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Masks mandatory in UK schools
The UK government said on Sunday that students in secondary schools will be compulsorily required to wear masks in the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus, Omicron. Some rules have been imposed temporarily keeping in mind the return of students back to schools from next week after the Christmas holidays. Along with this, it is also being asked to conduct antigen Kovid test on the spot. The rules implemented for classes will remain in force till January 26, after which the situation will be reviewed. However, teachers are exempted from the rules.

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