Omicron Vs Delta Variant : New Research Suggests Omicron Antibodies Can Develop Immunity Against The Delta Variant New antibody ‘extremely’ effective on older lethal variants

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Infection with the oomicron form of the corona virus can increase immunity against the delta form. This was revealed in a small study by researchers in South Africa. The oomicron variant of the corona virus first appeared in South Africa and Botswana in November this year. This new form of the virus has been found to be highly contagious. Also, it has been shown to have a great ability to evade antibodies produced by vaccination or from previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Cases of infection with this form are increasing rapidly all over the world. A pre-publication study on MedRXIV has not yet been reviewed by other experts. This included 15 previously vaccinated and non-vaccinated people who have had Omicron infection. The scientists studied the participants’ plasma to find the ability of their antibodies to control the ohmicron and delta forms.
Will Omicron, Will Delta… This antibody will protect against every variant, scientists got a big success
More protection against Delta variants
The first participants were studied again after symptoms appeared and about two weeks later. Study results suggest that participants developed greater immunity against the delta form. Earlier it was reported that scientists have identified antibodies that can inactivate the new form of the corona virus, Omicron and other variants, by targeting those places that do not actually change after the virus has changed.

Antibody treatment can become a big option
This study has been published in the science magazine ‘Nature’. This research may help in vaccine development and antibody treatment that will be effective against not only Omicron but also other emerging variants in the future. David Wessler, an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in the US, said, “This study suggests a way to get rid of the continued evolution of the virus by focusing antibodies that target highly conserved sites on the spike protein.” May go.’


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