Omicron WHO Warning : WHO Warns Another Storm Is About To Hit Europe Due To Omicron

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  • World Health Organization warns about new wave of Omicron in Europe
  • WHO said – another ‘storm’ is coming in Europe due to Omicron
  • The new variant of the virus has already dominated in Britain, Denmark and Portugal.

The top World Health Organization official in Europe on Tuesday asked governments to be prepared for a “significant increase” in coronavirus cases across the continent due to its omicron nature. Omicron has already dominated in many countries. “We may see another storm approaching,” WHO’s local director, Dr. Hans Kluge, told a press conference in Vienna.

“In a few weeks, Omicron will dominate more countries in the region, further affecting health systems that are already going through bad times,” Kluge said. Kluge said Omicron had been detected in at least 38 member countries of the WHO’s European region. It has already dominated in Britain, Denmark and Portugal. “The rising number of Kovid-19 cases could result in more people being admitted to hospitals,” Kluge said.
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Omicron is dominating in America too
He said that 27 thousand people died due to corona virus in the area last week and 26 lakh additional cases have been reported. However these cases include cases of infection of all formats. He said this number is 40 percent higher than the same period last year. After the UK, now the patients in America are increasing rapidly. Due to the Omicron variant, there was an increase of 3 percent cases last week, which reached 73 percent this week.

Research raises concern about Covishield
The latest study done regarding the effect of Kovishield vaccine has raised the concerns of many countries including India. A study published in the famous science journal The Lancet has claimed that after three months of taking two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca’s Kovid vaccine, its protection decreases. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is known in India as Covishield. Serum Institute of India produces this vaccine for many countries including India.

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