Orders to shoot without warning in Kazakhstan… President calls protesters terrorists…

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  • Huge uproar over rising oil prices in Kazakhstan
  • Dozens of government employees were killed during the protests
  • Anger among people even against the current President Tokayev
  • Constitutional order in the country mainly restored- President
  • ‘Orders have been given to shoot without warning’

After unprecedented unrest caused by protests in recent days, Kazakhstan’s president announced on Friday that constitutional order had been “mainly restored” in the country. His spokesman gave this information quoting President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev. But the president labeled the protesters terrorists and ordered to shoot without warning.

shoot without warning
The current government of Kazakhstan is, however, claiming that peace has been restored in most parts of the country. However, the situation is still not completely under control. President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev said that “after several days of unrest, he ordered the firing on the “terrorists” without warning. Meaning the President has made it clear that those who are protesting are terrorists. Strict action will be taken against them. So far 50 people have lost their lives in the violent protests that started over the increased fuel prices. From the position of the President, it seems that the situation will go from bad to worse. They have given orders to shoot without warning.

‘Constitutional order mainly restored in all areas of the country’
President Tokayev’s spokesman said that the ‘anti-terrorist operation’ had begun. Law enforcing agencies are working hard. Constitutional order has been restored mainly in all areas of the country. The local authorities are controlling the situation. The President said that terrorists are still using weapons and destroying people’s property. Anti-terrorist action against them will continue.
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Upset over nearly doubling of vehicle fuel prices
Kazakhstan is currently facing the worst protests since independence nearly three decades ago. The protests began in the face of widespread discontent over the nearly doubling of vehicle fuel prices and single-party rule since independence, which spread across the country. The protests turned violent, with government buildings set on fire and more than a dozen officers killed.
Civil war-like situation in Kazakhstan, 48 people killed so far, Russian army took over the front
Two weeks of emergency already in force in Kazakhstan
President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev appealed to the protesters several times for peace regarding the ruckus. When this did not have any effect, many drastic steps were taken. A two-week state of emergency has already been declared. Night curfew is also being strictly followed. However, till now the protesters have not been completely controlled. The Prime Minister’s chair went away because of the prices of petroleum products. Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Askar Mamin has resigned from his post. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has appointed Alikhan Smailov as caretaker prime minister.


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