Pakistan Debt Crisis Update: Pakistan Debt Liabilities Cross Rs50tr In Imran Khan PTI Government Tenure Says State Bank Of Pakistan

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  • Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has brought the country’s economy to the brink of destruction
  • For the first time, Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities crossed the figure of Rs 50.5 trillion.
  • It has been revealed in the official that the debt of 20.7 trillion rupees increased during Imran’s time.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who came to power by showing big dreams of development to the Pakistani people, has brought the country’s economy to the brink of destruction. The situation has become such that for the first time, Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities have crossed the figure of Rs 50.5 trillion. In the latest official released on Wednesday, it has been revealed that there has been an increase of 20.7 trillion rupees only during the era of Imran government.

According to the report of Pakistan’s newspaper Express Tribune, the State Bank of Pakistan has released the loan figures till September 2021. That too when Imran had admitted a day earlier that rising debt had become a “national security issue”. These figures show that the overall debt and public debt situation is deteriorating continuously under the present Imran Khan government. Pakistan’s debt has increased by 70 percent under Imran.
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91 thousand rupees loan increased on every citizen
In June 2018, each Pakistani had a debt of Rs 144,000, which has now increased to 235,000 in September. In this way, during the era of Imran, the debt of every citizen of the country has increased by Rs.91 thousand, which is about 63 percent. Like the previous governments, the Imran Khan government is getting buried under foreign and domestic debts. On the other hand, the Imran government has failed to increase the income, due to which the debt burden has not been reduced.

Public debt has increased by Rs 16.5 trillion under Imran. The PTI government of Pakistan has increased the public debt by 14 billion rupees every day. This is more than double the time of Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. Imran has failed miserably in saving Pakistan, which is buried under a mountain of debt. Imran himself has admitted that Pakistan is craving for pie.
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We don’t have money to run the country: Imran
Imran Khan has admitted in his recent statement that his country has become a pauper. Imran said that the biggest problem of Pakistan is that we do not have money to run the country. This is the reason why Pakistan has to take loan. He said that the house in which the expenditure is high and the income is less, then that house will always be surrounded by problems, something similar has happened to Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that due to the high expenditure, Pakistan is not able to invest and due to this the country is not developing. In fact, the poor Pakistan, which is repaying the loan by taking loans, is no longer able to get loans from foreign agencies. The IMF has refused a loan of one billion dollars to Pakistan. To persuade the IMF, the Imran government drastically increased the prices of electricity and petrol and diesel, but even this could not satisfy the global body. Due to non-receipt of loan from IMF, now PM Imran Khan may have to spread his bag once again in front of China or Gulf countries.


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