Pakistan Embassy In US : Pakistani Embassy In Washington Had No Money To Pay Salary Many Employees Resigned

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The Pakistan embassy in the US capital Washington DC was short of funds to pay at least four months’ salary to some of its employees. However, the active participation of the Pakistani ambassador saved him. This information has been given in the report of The News. At least five of the locally recruited contract employees of the Pakistani embassy faced delays and non-payment of their monthly salaries since August 2021.

The report said that one of the five affected employees, who had been working at the embassy for the past ten years, resigned in September due to delays and non-payment. These unpaid local workers were hired by the embassy on an annual contract basis. He worked for the mission on a bare-minimum salary, which ranges from $2,000 to $2,500 per person per month.
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Local employees do not get health benefits
Local employees, whether permanent or contractual, do not receive the perks and privileges of Foreign Office employees, including health benefits. The report said that domestic workers are usually hired to help the ‘consular section’, which provides visas, passports, notarization and other consular services to overseas Indians.

Ventilators bought with salary money
Sources said such employees are paid from the Pakistan Community Welfare (PCW) fund, which is generated locally through service charges and then distributed locally as well. Sources familiar with the situation said the PCW fund collapsed last year as money was used to buy ventilators and other medical equipment after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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