Pakistan Navy Cuts Steel For 5th Hangor-Class Submarine PNS Tasnim

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  • Pakistan started the work of making the first submarine of the Yuan class on Chinese technology
  • Pakistan Navy renames China’s Yuan class to Hangor class
  • Pakistan is going to induct eight such submarines in the Navy by 2018.

The construction of the fifth Hangor class submarine based on Chinese technology has been started for the Pakistan Navy. To build this submarine, a steel cutting ceremony was organized at Karachi Shipyard on 9 December. The last four submarines of this class have been built in China. This is the first time that Pakistan will build a Hangor class submarine in its country. The submarine has been named PNS Tasneem after former Vice Admiral Ahmed Tasneem of the Pakistan Navy.

Pakistani Navy Chief sings praises of China
Apart from Pakistani Navy Chief Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi, several senior officials of the Chinese Embassy also attended the ceremony. On the occasion of the steel cutting ceremony, the Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan thanked all those involved in the construction of this submarine. He termed the occasion as yet another event to deepen ties between Pakistan and China. The submarine named Hangor has been deployed in the Pakistan Navy in the past as well. This submarine was bought by China from the French Naval Group.

Pak Navy Sub 919191

Pakistan has changed the name of China’s Type 039A
The Hangor class submarine is actually another name for China’s Type 039A. The NATO name of this Chinese submarine is Yuan Class. In April 2015, the Government of Pakistan approved the purchase of eight export variants of the Type 039B (upgraded) from China for $5 billion for the Pakistan Navy. The deal was finalized on 23 July 2015. In October of the same year it was revealed that four of the eight submarines would be built in Pakistan, with work in both countries starting simultaneously.

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Target to induct 8 submarines by 2028

Pakistan’s Defense Production Minister confirmed that the agreement also includes technology transfer for the construction of the ships. Later Pakistan told that it will make its submarines after China. China will hand over four submarines of its share to the Pakistani Navy by 2023, while Pakistan is targeting to build four submarines of its share by the year 2028.

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How dangerous is Pakistan’s Hangor class submarine?
According to China’s claim, the Hangor class submarine can protect its country’s borders in both peace and war. The displacement of this submarine is 3600 tons. The Hangor class submarine has a length of 77.6 m and a beam of 8.4 m. Diesel Electric This submarine is equipped with Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology. In the sea, this submarine can run at a maximum speed of 36 kilometers per hour. It is fitted with six 21-inch torpedo tubes, which can fire YU-6 torpedoes made in China and Russian torpedoes. The submarine can also fire YJ-8X class anti-ship missiles.

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Pak is buying four Ada class warships from Turkey
Pakistan has bought four Ada class Corvettes from Turkey. Out of this, the work of making the last Corvette has been started in Karachi two days ago. Turkey initially built the middle-class Ada-class corvette for its navy. Later in the deal with Pakistan, two of them are being made in Karachi. Multipurpose corvettes and frigates are being built through the Ada class project. This warship can carry out missions like reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare. It also deploys surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles. Turkey is also building four Jinnah-class frigates for the Pakistan Navy as part of the project.

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Work to build Chinese submarine for Pakistan Navy begins


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