Pakistan Supreme Court News : Pakistan Supreme Court Asks Why Is The Pakistan Army Using Land To Build A Marriage Hall Cinema CJP Gulzar Ahmed furious at Defense Secretary

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Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Friday questioned the Defense Secretary as to why “strategic and defence” land is being used for commercial activities like wedding parties and cinema halls. The court made this inquiry after it was found that the defense land was used by the army for commercial activities. A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed was hearing the issue of military land being used for commercial purposes.

According to a report in Dawn newspaper, the Chief Justice questioned Defense Secretary retired Lieutenant General Mohammad Hilal Hussain about commercial use of military land. He questioned whether cinema halls and marriage halls etc. have been constructed on the defense land. “This land was given to you for strategic and defense purposes, you have started commercial activities on it,” the bench questioned. Are marriage halls, cinema halls and housing societies built for defense purposes?’
No one dares to interfere in my work… Why is the Chief Justice of Pakistan furious?
Court sought written explanation
“We have decided that this will not happen again,” the defense secretary said. He said the construction of housing societies and commercial use of military land would be investigated and banned. The bench has asked him to give a written explanation. Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed has also joined the ongoing controversy over the military’s influence on the judiciary in Pakistan. In the past, he categorically denied that Pakistan’s judiciary was being influenced by or taking instructions from other institutions.

Pakistani courts in question
The Chief Justice claimed that the courts of Pakistan are completely free to do their job. In fact, a few days ago Ali Ahmed Kurd, former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Lahore, made serious allegations against the judiciary of Pakistan. He said in the Asma Jahangir conference that a general dominates a country of 220 million people. The same general has sent the judiciary to number 126 in the ranking. Ali Ahmed Kurd mentioned the Rule of Law Index 2021 of the World Justice Project. In this list, Pakistan ranks 126th in the category of Fundamental Rights.


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