Pakistan suspended train driver yoghurt: Railway driver stopped train to buy curd in Pakistan, railway minister gave this punishment

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A driver of Pakistan Railways, who was passing through the condition of pauper, stopped the train to take curd. According to ‘Dawn’ news, Pakistan’s Railway Minister Azam Khan Swati has suspended the driver and his assistant who stopped the train on the way to buy curd near Kahna railway station. The minister acted on a video that went viral on social media, in which the train driver was shown buying curd from a shop and stopping the train.

The video clip was followed by criticism of the railway department, which has been in trouble due to various issues of accidents, passenger safety and dwindling revenue. The minister took action and ordered the Pakistan Railways Lahore administration to suspend the driver, Rana Mohammad Shahzad. The report said that action has also been taken against assistant Iftikhar Hussain.

ban on mobile phone use
“I will not tolerate such incidents in future and will not allow anyone to use national assets for personal use,” the minister warned in a statement. Earlier in December, Pakistan Railways had banned the use of mobile phones by locomotive drivers and helpers during travel, the report said.

They were also barred from taking selfies, recording video and audio messages on their phones in all trains (passenger and luggage). The concerned Divisional Heads were also instructed to keep a watch on the crew members (especially the drivers and their assistants) of the train and take immediate action if anyone is flouting the orders.


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