Pakistan Taliban Durand Line Fencing : Taliban Chased Pakistani Forces Fled On Durand Line Afghanistan Pakistan Border

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  • The Pakistani army, which has been bragging for a long time, is asking for water in front of Taliban terrorists.
  • Pakistan wants to put up a fence on the Durand Line, but the Taliban are not allowing it to do so.
  • Taliban expel Pakistani army in Char Borjak district of Nimroz province

The Pakistani army, armed with nuclear bombs that boasts long-haul, is asking for water in front of Taliban terrorists. The condition is that Pakistan wants to fence the Durand Line but the Taliban are not allowing it to do so. In the past, there was also fierce shelling between the Taliban and the Pakistani army. In the latest incident, the Taliban have now driven out the Pakistani army in Char Borjak district of Nimroz province of Afghanistan. After this the Pakistani soldiers fled.

Afghanistan’s well-known journalist Bilal Sarwari quoted the Taliban as saying that the Pakistani army wanted to fence in Char Borzak district in western Afghanistan. When Taliban soldiers were sent there in large numbers, Pakistani soldiers fled from there. He also left a lot of fencing equipment there. The Taliban has now deployed their troops on a large scale there and is on full alert.
Durand Line Explained: What is Durand Line, why Taliban does not agree? War threatening to Pakistan
Taliban does not believe in Durand Line from the beginning
Earlier, Pakistan had claimed that its dispute with the Taliban has been resolved, but the ground reality appears to be the opposite. The situation is that the dispute between Taliban and Pakistan is increasing over the Durand Line. The Taliban has expressed strong objection to the fencing of Pakistan on the Afghan border and has threatened war. The Taliban does not recognize the Durand Line, the border between Pakistan-Afghanistan, from the beginning.

It claims that the area of ​​Afghanistan is far beyond the present border. This is the only issue on which the former civilian government of Afghanistan and the Taliban were in agreement. The Taliban has also pulled down Pakistan’s fencing on the Durand Line. In such a situation, it is certain that the difficulties of Imran Khan, who is seeking donations from the world as the brand ambassador of Taliban, are going to increase further.

Taliban opposes Durand Line
Afghanistan’s majority Pashtuns and Taliban have never considered the Durand Line as an official border line. Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s top spokesman, said soon after the occupation of Afghanistan that the new Afghan government would announce its stand on the issue. He had claimed that Pakistan-made fencing has separated people and divided families. We want to create a safe and peaceful environment along the border, so there is no need to create barriers.


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