Pittsburgh meteor explosion: NASA says Pittsburgh New Year Day meteor explosion equivalent to 30 tonnes of TNT

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Pittsburgh (USA)
On New Year’s Eve, a meteor that shook the Earth in Pittsburgh, USA, exploded into the atmosphere with the energy equivalent of an estimated 30 tons (27,216 kg) of TNT. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) officials gave this information. NASA’s ‘Meteor Watch’ social media site gave this information late on Sunday night.

A “reasonable estimate” of the meteor’s speed at about 45,000 mph (72,420 kph), NASA said, would give a more accurate idea of ​​its size. NASA said that if there were no clouds, it could be easily seen in the sky during the day. It was probably about 100 times brighter than the full moon. A nearby infrasound station recorded an explosion wave from the meteor, leading to measurement estimates.

National Weather Service meteorologist Shannon Heffern told the Tribune-Review that satellite data recorded a light in Washington County shortly before 11:30 a.m. and officials believed it was a “meteor fall into the atmosphere.” was due to. He said a similar incident happened on September 17 in Hardy County, West Virginia. Residents of the South Hills and other areas reported hearing explosions and shaking of houses.


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