pm boris johnson news today: Indians will not get relaxation in visa rules under FTA, know what the UK PM said: british pm boris johnson over visa rule free trade agreement news update

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  • British PM bluntly on easing visa rules for Indians
  • Visa rules won’t be easy for Indian professionals and students
  • UK’s International Trade Secretary Anne Marie Trevelyan to visit Delhi

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday tried to dispel the notion that visa rules for Indians would be relaxed under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India. During the weekly “Prime Minister’s Questions” session, an MP from Johnson’s Conservative Party sought a response to media reports.

It claimed to make easier visa rules for Indian professionals and students with a view to make FTAs ​​more attractive to India. Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh asked Johnson whether the relaxation of visa controls was intended to secure a trade deal with India. “We don’t make free trade agreements on that basis,” Johnson said.

Parliamentarian Edward’s question in the House is based on reports that Britain’s International Trade Secretary Anne Marie Trevelyan is expected to travel to Delhi later this month to begin FTA talks. There are speculations that she may offer a visa scheme similar to Australia’s as part of the UK’s FTA. Such a scheme will give an opportunity to Indian youth to come to the UK and work there for three years.


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