Putin Calls PM Modi: PM Modi, Putin hold telephonic conversation, express intent for boosting ties between India and Russia

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  • Russian President spoke to PM Modi on the phone, asked for the welcome – thank you
  • Negotiations on the aspects of implementing mutual agreements at the earliest
  • Also talks about peace and security in Indo Pacific

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone. During this, he has also expressed his gratitude to PM Modi for the grand welcome on his visit to India. Putin has also talked about aspects of speedy implementation of the agreements between the two countries. The two leaders also discussed issues of international stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Putin came to Delhi on 6th December
Putin arrived in New Delhi on 6 December to attend the India-Russia summit. During this, PM Modi received him at Hyderabad House. Several other deals were also signed between India and Russia including the AK-203 rifle. In addition, the Military Cooperation Agreement was extended for another 10 years (2021–31). A few days before Putin’s arrival in India, Russia had sent the first unit of the S-400 defense system to India.

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Expressed desire to strengthen Special Strategic Partnership
The Prime Minister’s Office said that on December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Russian President thanked PM Modi for the hospitality extended to the Russian delegation during his high level visit to New Delhi on 6 December. They discussed the practical aspects of implementing the negotiated agreements and expressed their intention for the all-round development of the Special Strategic Partnership relations between Russia and India.

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India holds two plus two meeting with Russia for the first time
India had also organized a two plus two meeting for the first time this year, giving importance to Russia. Russia is the fourth country in the world with which India holds two plus two meetings. In this, apart from the Defense Minister and Foreign Minister of India, the Defense Minister and Foreign Minister of the respective countries are also involved. Prior to this, India holds two plus two meetings with the US, Australia and Japan.

Putin told India a huge power
During his visit to Delhi, Putin had described India as a great power of the world. He had said that we consider India a great power, a friendly nation and a friend that has stood the test of time. Relations between the two countries are getting stronger and I look to the future. Putin said that the two sides continue to cooperate on global issues and there are similarities in their positions on many issues. He also supported India on terrorism.


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