putin warns nato russian military response: vladimir putin warns of possible russian military response over aggressive nato amid ukraine war fear

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stern warning to NATO amid the ongoing dispute over Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has said his country will retaliate if the West continues its “aggressive” policy but is ready to negotiate. Russia has deployed about 1 lakh soldiers on the border of Ukraine. The US has accused Russia of preparing an attack on Ukraine.

“If our Western allies continue their clearly aggressive policy, we will use sufficient counter-military-technologies to respond strongly to hostile actions,” Putin told an extended meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry board. Expressing concern over the deployment of US missile defense systems near Russian borders, including in Romania and Poland, he said, “We have every right to take actions aimed at ensuring Russia’s security and sovereignty,” Xinhua news agency reported.

We are not going to back down: Putin
The Russian president warned that if the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) deploy missiles in Ukraine, they will reach Moscow in just 7 to 10 minutes, and if they are hypersonic weapons, they will arrive in just 5 minutes. Putin said, ‘They should understand that we are not going to back down.’ Russia recently sent a draft agreement to NATO and the US to consider a draft treaty on security guarantees in Europe for Western countries.

Putin said Russia stood against armed conflict and bloodshed and wanted to resolve the issues through diplomacy, but there should be clear legal guarantees. Putin again said he needed assurances from the US and its allies that NATO would not expand further east. Along with this, Putin blamed Western countries for the increasing tension in Europe. Putin’s remarks come days after Moscow presented a draft security document denying Ukraine and other former Soviet countries membership of NATO at a meeting with Russian top military officials.


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