Rafale Fighter Jet UAE: UAE Buys 80 French Made Rafale Fighter Jets: UAE UAE Buys 80 Rafale Fighter Jets From France

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  • UAE to buy 80 Rafale fighter jets from France for 16 billion euros
  • Qatar’s reign in Gulf countries will get tough competition from UAE Air Force
  • UAE becomes Rafale’s new buyer after Croatia, Egypt, India, and Greece

After Egypt, Croatia and Greece, India is now buying 80 Rafale fighter jets from United Arab Emirates (UAE) France. The cost of these 80 Rafale fighter jets is said to be 16 billion euros. France has confirmed the deal, while the UAE has not yet issued an official statement. Qatar already operates 24 Rafale fighter jets. Qatar does not have normal relations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, Qatar’s problems may increase due to the air power of UAE.

French President Macron on a visit to the Gulf countries
The French Defense Ministry has described it as the biggest arms deal for export. French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in the emirate on the first leg of a two-day visit to the Gulf countries. Macron is on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia a month before he assumes the presidency of the European Union. Presidential elections are also due in France in 2022 in which Macron will try to get a second term.

Rafale: After India, Egypt, Greece, now this country is buying Rafale, will replace Russian MiG-21
Negotiations were going on for the last decade
Paris and Abu Dhabi have been in talks for nearly a decade on a deal to sell French fighter jets to the Emirates. Now both the countries have agreed on this deal. The deal is expected to boost France’s defense industry after Australia canceled a $66 billion deal for 12 French submarines.

Rafale Greece: Greece gets the first Rafale fighter plane, will collide with Turkey’s F-16 in the Mediterranean
Croatia is also buying Rafale fighter aircraft
Croatia has announced to buy 12 Rafale fighter jets from France to increase its air capacity. Croatia had the option of choosing between the Rafale and the Israel-modified F-16C/D Barak fighter aircraft. If Rafale is included in the Croatian Air Force, it will greatly increase its air capability in the Balkan countries. Not only this, the air border of this country made up of thousands of islands will also be completely safe.

Rafale Greece: Greece will buy 24 Rafale fighter jets, not 18 from France, Turkey’s rage in the Mediterranean is set to increase
Rafale fighter jet is equipped with deadly missiles and bombs

The Rafale fighter aircraft has a range of 3,700 km, it can carry a variety of different missiles with it. The length of Rafale is 15.30 meters and height is 5.30 meters. The wingspan of Rafale is just 10.90 meters which makes it ideal aircraft for flying in mountainous areas. Due to the small size of the aircraft, it is easy to maneuver.

Threat from Turkey, France will give 18 Rafale fighter jets to Greece, out of which 8 are free
Rafale can fly in all weather
Rafale is equipped with Beyond Visual Range missiles. That is, it can be flown without seeing the target plane. The Rafale has an active radar seeker, which provides the facility to operate the jet in any weather. Missiles like the Scalp Missile or Storm Shadow can easily destroy any bunker. Its range is about 560 km. Rafale is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

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