Reham Khan Attack : Deadly Attack On Reham Khan Former Wife Of Imran Khan Asks Is This New Pakistan Of Imran Government

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  • Deadly attack on Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan
  • While returning from nephew’s wedding, two people fired at the car
  • Imran surrounded the government by tweeting, asked- Is this the new Pakistan?

The car of Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been attacked by some unidentified persons. Reham Khan himself has given information about this attack by tweeting. Some people fired at her car in which she narrowly escaped. Reham targeted the Imran government and asked whether this is Imran Khan’s new Pakistan? Reham Khan was attacked when she was returning from her nephew’s wedding.

In her first tweet, Reham Khan wrote, ‘I was returning from my nephew’s wedding, when some people fired at my car and two motorbike riders tried to stop my car at gunpoint.. I changed my car . My security guard and driver were present inside the car. Is this Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan? Welcome to the land of cowards, robbers and greedy people.

ready to take bullet for the country
In another tweet, Reham wrote, ‘I want to live and die in Pakistan like a normal Pakistani. Whether I am attacked cowardly or law and order are blown up in the middle of the road. This so called government should take responsibility for it. I am also ready to take bullet for my country. This is not the first time that Reham Khan has openly criticized Imran Khan. In the past too, she has surrounded her ex-husband Imran Khan on many issues.

Reham Khan has surrounded Imran Khan in the past too
Earlier, in the increasing rape cases in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s controversial statement regarding the clothes of women was termed as a hypocrite by Reham Khan. Reham Khan termed Imran Khan as “always apologetic on rape” and demanded that the Pakistani Prime Minister apologize for his controversial remarks about women. Earlier, Imran Khan’s another wife Jemima Goldsmith had also rubbished Imran Khan by referring to the Quran.
Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan hits out at Pakistani PM, calls her a ‘ditch’
Controversial statement of Imran Khan
Imran Khan had blamed India and Europe for the increasing obscenity in Pakistan. Imran Khan, in response to a question during a direct dialogue with the public, said that he needs the cooperation of the public to stop the increasing incidents of rape in the country. Imran Khan said, ‘We have to promote the culture of purdah system so that temptation can be avoided.’


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