Russia arms exports 2022: Why is Russia selling arms to China’s enemies: Russia arming up China’s New Cold War rivals

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It is said that in politics one is neither a permanent friend nor an enemy. The same holds true for international relations as well. China and Russia are definitely seen walking side by side against America, although everything is not normal between them too. Russia has given China even the technology of S-400 missile defense systems, nuclear submarines and fighter planes. But, at the same time, he is also supplying a huge amount of weapons to the enemy countries of China. On the basis of these weapons, this country is also showing its eyes to China.

China’s praise on the face and help to the enemies behind
A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin had praised China in pride. He even described China as the undisputed leader of Asia. Putin claimed that he had a very trusting personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was Putin who revealed that Russia and China are making many high-tech weapons together. He had also told that Russia and China are also cooperating in the space and aviation sector. Yet Putin knows that China cannot be trusted blindly.

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Why does Russia not trust China?
China has always claimed the city of Vladivostok in Russia. Second, Dragon intends to expand into the East China Sea and the western Pacific Ocean. In such a situation, Russia knows that if it gives full freedom to China, then it can do some nefarious acts on its border too. This is the reason that Russia is continuously supplying weapons to those countries which have old enmity with China. This includes the civilian government of India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia. China has border and maritime disputes with all these countries.

India-China have huge stock of Russian weapons
India is China’s biggest enemy in Asia. India and China are also the biggest buyers of Russian military weapons. Many experts believe that if a war is fought between India and China, then only Russian weapons will be face to face on both sides. Russia has recently started delivery of S-400 missile defense systems to India. Apart from this, the final seal has also been given between Russia and India on the manufacture of AK-203 rifle. Like China, Russia has sold every military weapon to India, which New Delhi has demanded from Moscow.

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Russia has sold weapons worth billions of dollars to India
According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia exported military equipment worth USD 7.53 billion to India from 2015 to 2019. India’s procured weapons and systems from Russia include Akula-class nuclear submarines like INS Chakra, aircraft carriers like INS Vikramaditya and fighter aircraft like Sukhoi Su-30MKI. Apart from this, India has also bought many types of warships, air defense systems, air to air and air do ground missiles, tanks from Russia.

Russians account for 84 percent of Vietnam’s weapons
The enmity between China and Vietnam is well known. Both the countries have also fought a fierce war of almost a month in 1979. China and Vietnam have disputes not only over the South China Sea, but also over land. Russia accounts for 84 percent of Vietnam’s foreign military weapons. Russia and Vietnam are also very close friends during the Cold War. Russia has been playing a key role in the modernization of Vietnam’s armed forces since hostilities between China and Vietnam escalated in the 1990s.

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Russia is selling more weapons in Southeast Asia than America
Russia is the second largest arms exporter in the world after the US. Despite this, Russia is finding lucrative new markets in Southeast Asia to beat the US. There are many countries in this region, which are eager to buy weapons from abroad in large quantities to enhance their defense capabilities in view of the increasing antics of China. According to SIPRI, Russia sold $10.70 billion to Southeast Asian countries from 2000 to 2019, while the US sold only $7.86 billion in arms during this period.

Russia is also selling military weapons to Myanmar
Myanmar is also rapidly emerging as Russia’s new military partner in Southeast Asia. Russia has good relations with the civilian government of Myanmar and with the military government that followed the coup. Myanmar’s military government is deploying Russian weapons against pro-democracy and ethnic armed forces. Myanmar’s arms purchases from Russia also reduce its traditional dependence on China. Russia is ramping up arms sales to Indonesia and even Malaysia, both of which have growing disputes with China in the South China Sea.

Why are most countries buying Russian weapons?
Russia’s military hardware is cheaper and more durable than the weapons offered by the US and Europe. Russia is also always ready to accept payment through barter, unlike Western exporters. In such a situation, the country concerned does not have to pay in dollars and Russia’s weapons are found in return for their goods. Secondly, the US often imposes sanctions on the sale of arms to other countries according to personal interests. Whereas Russia is ready to supply arms whenever it wants.


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