Russia China News: China Jointly Developing High-Tech Weapons

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  • Russia and China working together to make hi-tech weapons
  • Putin calls China undisputed leader of Asia
  • Praised his relationship with Jinping, described as a trustworthy person

Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly praised friendship with China in his annual press conference. He has even described China as the undisputed leader of Asia. Putin revealed that Russia and China are working together to make many high-tech weapons. This statement of Putin is being described as a big tension for India. There is also a danger of deteriorating the balance of power in Asia with China and Russia coming closer against the US.

Both the countries are making hi-tech weapons
Putin said that Russia and China are also cooperating in the space and aviation sector. He stressed that the Chinese military is largely armed with many advanced weapons. Together we are developing high-tech weapons. This also includes aircraft and helicopters. He said that there is close cooperation between the armies of both the countries. The two countries are also conducting joint patrols at sea and in the air, along with participation in several joint military exercises and international war games.

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Putin calls China undisputed leader of Asia
The President of Russia also openly praised Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. He also talked about having a very trusting personal relationship with Jinping. He said that China helps a lot in trade with us. The Russian president pointed to increased economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, saying Asia is developing rapidly and China is the undisputed leader in the process.

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Putin said – no example of China’s partnership
Putin said Moscow and Beijing have already done more than $100 billion in business. Both sides are working more to increase their business in different areas. This includes areas related to nuclear energy, space and human rights. He praised the strategic partnership between China and Russia, saying that there is no such example in history.

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Both countries doing joint naval and air patrols at sea
Russia and China are patrolling together in view of the increasing presence of America and Western countries in the Pacific Ocean. At one time these two countries were thirsty for each other’s blood due to mutual border dispute. But, in later years, China and Russia resolved their disputes wisely and have now united to defeat a global superpower like America.

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Friendship strengthened between Russia and China
Russia and China have come together very rapidly in the last few years due to rising tensions with the US. Just a few months ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Beijing and talked about increasing cooperation with China. Not only this, both the countries also discussed making a common strategy against the dollar. Tension is also at its peak in China and America on many issues. This includes issues like Taiwan, South China Sea, Tibet and Uighurs. At the same time, America and Russia have been each other’s johnny enemies since the era of the Cold War.

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How much tension for India
With China and Russia coming closer, India’s tension is bound to increase. India has close defense and trade relations with Russia. At the same time, India’s border dispute with China is also clear. Since 2020, the armies of India and China are standing face to face in many areas including Eastern Ladakh. In such a situation, if China, ready to become an economic superpower, takes Russia in its court, then it can increase India’s concern.

Putin Jinping 01

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping


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