russia military base in tajikistan: Russia deploys new tanks to its military base in Tajikistan

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  • Russia sent a stockpile of T-72 tanks to its military base in Tajikistan
  • After the exercise to shoot down missiles, the deployment of tanks stirred up
  • Russia is scared of Taliban influence in Central Asian countries

Russia has sent a new stock of 30 tanks to strengthen its military base in Tajikistan. A few days ago, the Russian army in Tajikistan had exercised with missile defense systems. The deployment of weapons at the military base is being seen as a growing threat from the Taliban to Central Asia. Russia fears Islamist militants may cross the border into Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan after the Taliban comes to power in Afghanistan.

Russia fears Taliban’s reach in Central Asia
Russia sees these countries of Central Asia as buffer states for itself. If the Taliban’s activity in these countries increases, then it will increase the danger equally for Russia. Chechnya terrorists can also create problems for Russia by joining hands with Taliban. In such a situation, President Putin does not want to take any risk regarding the Taliban. Russia has the largest overseas military base in Tajikistan.

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Violence may start again in Chechnya
Since 2003, peace has prevailed in Chechnya, an autonomous region of Russia. However, Russia fears that the Taliban’s activity outside Afghanistan could infuse a new spirit among the militants. Even in social media, the supporters of terrorism are describing armed revolution against the government as the most suitable weapon of victory. In such a situation, if Chechnya’s rebels start attacks again, it may be difficult for Russia to stop it. Since, thousands of people from Chechnya are also included in the Taliban fighters. In such a situation, after getting victory in Afghanistan, these terrorists can return to their country. After their return, the fire of rebellion in Chechnya, which seems calm from above, may once again spread.

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Russia testing S-300PS system
Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted the Defense Ministry as saying that the Russian military on Monday practiced using its S-300PS system to deter enemy air strikes on military facilities. During this drill, an exercise was done to shoot down enemy missiles using 10 missile launchers. Russia fears that Taliban terrorists can target its base with rockets.

Russia sent 30 T-72B3M tanks
The Russian Defense Ministry said a batch of 30 advanced T-72B3M tanks with improved combat capabilities would arrive at the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan on 6 December. The T-72B3 tank was inducted into the Russian army in 2014. Some of these were also seen during the ongoing war in Ukraine and Syria. The newest version of the T-72, the T-72B3 is equipped with extremely dangerous weapons. The T-72 is fitted with the new 2A46M5 125mm smoothbore main gun with autoloader.

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T-72B3M tank is equipped with modern weapons
The T-72B3’s autolander can automatically load shells into the tank on any type of ground. This main gun makes the T-72 at par with many main battle tanks around the world. This tank is equipped with automatic tracker, new Kalina fire control system and ballistic computer to track enemy tanks. The tank is fitted with an improved thermal sight along with a laser range finder. After the upgrade, the new variant of the T-72 is capable of firing the latest explosives as well.

This tank can also fire modern shells
Its main gun can fire armor-piercing shells and highly explosive rounds. This tank can also launch AT-11 or sniper anti-tank missile. In the new version of the T-72 tank, the armor has also been made powerful to avoid the attacks of enemies. The T-72B3 is fitted with the modern Kontakt-5 Explosive Reactive Armor. The same armor is installed on Russia’s modern T-90A tank. This armor is capable of protecting the tank from attacks by anti-tank missiles and rockets.

Russia base in Tajikistan

Russia sent tanks to the military base of Tajikistan


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