Russia Ukraine News: Ukraine says Russia amassed over 94000 troops at border

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  • Tension between Ukraine and Russia escalates, war is expected
  • Ukrainian Defense Minister claims – Russia can attack by January
  • America is mediating, NATO also with Ukraine

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate despite US mediation efforts. Now Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov has told parliament that Russia has gathered more than 94,000 troops along the border. He feared that the Russian army might attack Ukraine at the end of January. There is panic in Ukraine after this claim of the Defense Minister.

Ukrainian Defense Minister said – Russia is preparing for attack
The Defense Minister of Ukraine claimed that no action would be taken by his country to worsen the situation. He warned that Ukraine was fully prepared to retaliate if Russia attacked. He told that our intelligence agency has analyzed the worst-case scenario. In this it has been learned that there is a fear of aggressive action on a large scale from the Russian side.

Russia caught three Ukrainian spies, not only intelligence information, but also planning to attack the Navy
Ukrainian army also ready for retaliation
Russia has deployed thousands of its troops along the Ukrainian border with tanks, missiles and other weapons for the past month. In April this year too, Russia deployed troops and weapons along the Ukrainian border. This time the deployment has been made after the Ukrainian army’s drone attack on the Russian-backed rebels in Crimea. Ukraine alleged that two of its soldiers were injured in the attack by these rebels.

Russian army tanks and missiles moving towards the Ukrainian border, then Europe stands on the edge of war?
NATO came out in support of Ukraine
The US-backed Western military organization NATO has announced support for Ukraine. The NATO office in Brussels has issued several statements condemning Russia’s aggressive behavior. Although Ukraine is not a full member of NATO, NATO cannot directly engage in military action even if it wants to. NATO countries are supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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America active to intervene
America is active in ending the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine. The chief of the US intelligence agency CIA had arrived in Russia a month ago. Not only this, the US Secretary of State is also holding regular meetings with the Foreign Minister of Russia. Russia demands that the deal would require the withdrawal of NATO warships from the Black Sea region.


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