Russia Ukraine Tension News : Threat Of War With NATO In Ukraine Russia Deployed S-550 Air Defense System To Combat Duty Known As Satellite Killer

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  • Russia deploys S-550 air defense system towards Ukraine border
  • Deployment of ‘satellite killer’ increases the risk of war between Russia and NATO in Ukraine
  • According to reports, 1 lakh soldiers of Russia are present near the Ukraine border.

Russia has activated an ultra-secret anti-satellite weapon ‘Star Wars’ missile. According to reports, a Defense Ministry source was quoted as saying that the S-550 has entered the ‘battle zone’. This weapon is capable of attacking spacecraft, ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets at an altitude of thousands of km. Russia’s deployment of heavy weapons is evidence that tensions between the Kremlin and the West and Ukraine are escalating.

In recent weeks, Russia has deployed a large number of military and destructive weapons along the Ukrainian border. According to a report, more than 100,000 Russian troops are present near Ukraine, increasing the risk of an attack on Ukraine at the start of the new year. A ministry source told news agency TASS that the S-550 air defense system has successfully completed its trials. The 1st S-550 Brigade has entered combat duty.
Russia Ukraine Dispute: Putin warns, will consider other options if West does not guarantee Ukraine issue
Putin insists on the creation of the S-550
The S-550 is reportedly considered more advanced than the West and China. The source described this technology as a completely new and unique mobile system in the field of Strategic Missile Defense. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said last month that the anti-satellite S-550 was one of the new weapons systems that Russian President Putin has pushed for early production.

Known as the ‘satellite killer’, the S-550
The S-550 is seen as part of Russia’s air defense modernization which includes the S-350 Vityaz, S-400 Triumpf and S-500 Prometheus. Recent Russian reports suggest that the S-550 is the same weapon that was hitherto known as the ‘satellite killer’. It is now known as ‘Nudol’, having been part of a secret project. According to Izvestia newspaper it was part of ‘one of the most secret domestic weapons programs ever conducted’.

‘NATO to deny membership to Ukraine’
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he would consider other options if Western countries do not meet his demand for security guarantees not to expand NATO to Ukraine. Earlier this month, Moscow submitted a draft security document demanding that NATO refuse membership to Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries and withdraw military deployments to Central and Eastern Europe.
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Russia warns of taking ‘military steps’
Putin called for the West to meet their demands quickly. He warned that Moscow would take “appropriate military and technological measures” if the West continued to “aggression” closer to our country. Putin’s statement was broadcast on Russia’s state television channel on Sunday. When asked to describe a possible move by Moscow, he said, “It can be of different types”. “It will be based on the proposal presented to me by our military experts,” Putin said without giving details.


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