Russia Ukraine Tension : Russia Sends Hundreds Of Tanks To Ukraine Border Satellite Pictures Shows Military Exercise Of Kremlin

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Russia has accused Ukraine of “terrorism” over the petrol bomb attack on its embassy in the city of Lviv. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are increasing continuously. Meanwhile, satellite images have revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent hundreds of tanks towards the Ukrainian border. This tension can take a new turn in the new year. The Kremlin said on Friday that an attacker had hurled a petrol bomb at the Russian consulate in the eastern Ukrainian city.

Moscow formally protested the incident and demanded an apology from Kiev. In a video of the incident, a man can be seen hurling a bomb which after hitting a wall explodes on the ground. After this the attacker runs away from there. Ukrainian police in Lviv said they had opened an investigation into the incident, which they described as “nuisance”. Some satellite photos of December 13 had increased the tension between the two countries.
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The site was half empty on 7 October
Satellite images show the new brigade-level unit consisting of several hundred armored vehicles at a Russian base in Crimea. It is located about 110 miles from the border with Ukraine. The site can be seen half empty in an October 7 satellite image of the same location. It shows the Kremlin has continued to build up its forces near Ukraine in recent weeks.

Russia’s military exercise shown in pictures
In recent photographs taken from Crimea, a Russian battle group can be seen participating in military exercises. The photos are from the Opuk training area which is 150 to 160 miles away from the border. Tensions on Europe’s eastern border have been rising since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. Putin said in his annual press briefing on Thursday that Russia wants to avoid conflict but that “security guarantees” require an immediate response from the US and its allies.

Threat of World War III!
Recently, a senior Ukrainian minister claimed that if Russia attacked, the Third World War could start. These days, more than 1 lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on the border of Ukraine with heavy weapons. Meanwhile, US intelligence has warned that Russia may strike Ukraine in mid-January. At the same time, Russia claims that it is free to deploy troops in any part of its country and no country in the world should have any problem with it.

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