russia ukraine war: Russia caught three Ukrainian spies, planning to attack on Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet

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  • Russia has arrested three agents of Ukraine’s intelligence agency
  • Tension is already going on between the two countries, army is stationed on the border
  • Conspiracy to blow up the Radio Center of the Black Sea Fleet

Russia’s intelligence agency FSB has arrested three special agents of Ukraine’s SSU. These agents were plotting to blow up the radio station of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. The same fleet of the Russian Navy patrols areas around Ukraine, the FSB said, two of them are father and son, who were collecting data on Russia’s strategic locations. The agency also said that they have also apprehended a youth who was planning a terrorist attack.

Father-son duo also included in spies
The FSB said in a statement that the Ukrainian Security Service [एसएसयू] Two of the agents have been taken into custody. One of them has been identified as Jinovi … Koval. Givoni was born in 1974, while his son Igor…Kovás was born in 1999. Both of them had reached Russia to take photographs and information related to the strategically important infrastructure facility, military base.

Weapons recovered, crime also confessed
The statement also said that short barrels and automatic weapons were also recovered from his car. Apart from this, personal protective equipment has also been found in the car. All these have been sent for examination. The Russian intelligence agency has claimed that the captured father and son confessed that they were recruited by an employee of the Ukrainian intelligence agency SSU. The employee promised to give these father and son a sum of $10000 in exchange for providing them with strategic information.

The third agent was planning a terrorist attack in Russia
The third person arrested is an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The name of this agent is being told as Alexander Tsilek. The FSB said Ukrainian Special Service agents planned to blow up the Black Sea Fleet radio center mast and the Crimean television center tower. The statement said they planned to blow up the Crimea radio and television broadcasting station, a mobile gas turbine power plant, fuel and lubricants warehouse and the Black Sea Fleet radio station.

Russia has already caught Ukrainian agents
An agent was arrested in July and his guilt has been fully established, the statement said. The FSB has learned that a senior official of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has been training a group for subversion from Ukraine into Russian territory. In 2016, Russian authorities caught some of these agents in Crimea, including four officials from the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate.


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