russian planning to attack ukraine: Russia Ukraine Dispute: Putin warns, will consider other options if west does not give guarantee on Ukraine issue – putin to consider other options if west does not give guarantee on ukraine issue

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he would consider other options if Western countries do not meet his demand for security guarantees not to expand NATO to Ukraine. Earlier this month, Moscow submitted a draft security document demanding that NATO refuse membership to Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries and withdraw military deployments to Central and Eastern Europe.

Putin called for the West to meet their demands quickly. He warned that Moscow would take “appropriate military and technological measures” if the West continued to “aggression” closer to our country. Putin’s statement was broadcast on Russia’s state television channel on Sunday. When asked to describe a possible Moscow move, he said, “It could be of different types”. “It will be based on the proposal presented to me by our military experts,” Putin said without giving details.

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It is noteworthy that the US and its allies have refused to give Russia the kind of guarantees on Ukraine that Putin wants. He underlined that NATO membership is open to any qualifying country. However, they have agreed to hold talks with Russia next month to discuss its concerns. Putin said talks with the US would take place in Geneva. Parallel talks will also take place with Russia and NATO and detailed issues are expected to be discussed with the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. Putin said Russia has put forth its demand and expects a positive response from the West.


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