Russian Rocket Crash : Russian rocket crashed in Pacific Ocean… Big danger averted from world, know details: russian rocket crash danger averted from the world angara a 5 crashed in pacific ocean

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  • Great danger averted from the world
  • Russia’s uncontrollable rocket fell on the earth
  • Angara-A5 crashes in Pacific Ocean

A Russian rocket fell uncontrollably towards the earth. This incident caused panic all over the world. Fortunately, its debris fell on those places on the earth where people do not live. Otherwise the devastation could only be predicted.

rocket launch failed
In Russia, a part of the rocket had entered the Earth’s atmosphere. So far no devastation has been seen due to this. The launch of this Russian rocket was not successful, after which it became uncontrollable. According to the US Space Command, the Russian rocket re-entered the atmosphere. Most of it got burnt after entering the atmosphere.
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wreckage in the pacific ocean
The Angara-A5 rocket was launched on 27 December 2020 from the Plesetsk spaceport in north-western Arkhangelsk, Russia. According to the state news agency Tass, the new upper stage rocket, known as the Percy booster, was tested through the launch. Its engines failed after launch. On Wednesday, the US Space Command said that the rocket had re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 2:08 pm. Rocket debris fell into the Pacific Ocean. However, no one was harmed by this.
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speed of 7.5 kmph
Holger Krug, head of the Space Debris Office of the European Space Agency, was closely watching the entire incident. He said a part of the Russian rocket was falling at a speed of 7.5 kilometers per second (4.7 miles per second). But it is very unlikely that the rocket will harm anyone. Yet its risk cannot be ignored. China was reprimanded by NASA in May 2021. Because the debris of his rocket fell into the Indian Ocean from the space station. Then NASA said that China had failed to meet the responsible standards for debris.


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